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OnlySP: Microsoft’s legendary Halo franchise returns, but will you? After Bungie lost Halo to 343 Industries, fans became skeptical of the new developer’s capabilities. Halo: Reach, the last Bungie developed Halo game was greeted with negative feedback, claiming it lacked individuality; some missions were practically identical to the first games’. Then Halo 4 was released, which had creative weaponry, new enemies, and beautiful visuals, but the story, while good, was paired with an average campaign. Mixed feedback aside, 343 Industries is shooting for the moon with Halo 5: Guardians. There’s a strong focus on bringing the gameplay back to the original titles, while the narrative is meant to be the darkest in the series. The question is: with such a large franchise are we only excited for the name, or for the gameplay? Let’s find out.

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Barnaby-Jones1389d ago

Can't wait to see the single player trailer, really excited about it. I wonder if the open-world rumor will be true?

PockyKing1389d ago

Ew open world Halo. There's enough open world games out there, let Halo be Halo haha. I just hope the campaign is more varied this time around though, 4 was good, but didn't have the "epic" feeling that most Halo campaigns have had. It was a nice change of pace, and the humanizing of the Chief was very good, but I need my epic battles.

Barnaby-Jones1389d ago

Yeah, it would be great if they made the campaign more diverse. Storywise, I thought Reach had a pretty awesome campaign. *Spoiler* I loved how you were eventually the last spartan left and the standoff at the end. Knowing that 343 worked on Reach and 4 gives me high hope for Halo 5.

beans1389d ago

Reach sucked balls to me! Halo 4 was missing halo Music which kind of made it feel like a totally different game but still a solid experience. Loosing it's music to me was like loosing it's soul.

spicelicka1389d ago

I think halo 3 had the best campaign. We found like 5 freakin scarabs throughout the campaign! Can't believe we haven't fought a scarab since, halo 5 better go a step further with the war sphix!

Reach was great otherwise but the scarab tease with no actual fighting was a big piss off to me. Also the fact that they designed the missions like firefight levels strung together. We need better pacing and a diverse mission structure. Halo 4 did a good job with that I think, but again no scarabs!

Foehammer1389d ago

A great deal of talent, both gaming and non-gaming is going into halo 5.

I expect it to be one on many great experiences in 2015

qwerty6761389d ago

im also really anticipating seeing a campaign trailer for this game

so far all we've had is like little snippets with MC going rogue and stuff.

Bigpappy1389d ago

Why to people who are hoping to be professional writers do this? Bungie did not loose Halo to 343. They gave it up to do something new.

Please try to give accurate info. Some here will repeat this crap, then argue it to the death.