Into the Stars "An Excellent Fit" For PS4 & XB1, Says Dev

Into the Stars could be an excellent fit for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One according to Ben Jones, Development Director at Fugitive Games.

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Petrus911332d ago

I hope so, definitely interested in the project.

Alexious1332d ago

I for one would be very happy to get a good looking version of FTL. Besides, I love the premise, it reminds me of Battlestar Galactica.

Aurenar1332d ago

An excellent "what is this??" for me.

kaiserfranz1332d ago

Indeed, this looks far better than your average indie Kickstarter game!

Mostafeto1332d ago

I agree as it really looks promising and might have a bright future. It's main idea is interesting and I hope they can complete with a HUGE universe to go with it.

Mostafeto1332d ago

I will definitely keep an eye on this game and might even back it up on Kickstarter. This kind of games is needed on my PS4.

karamsoul1332d ago

Added to my watch list. Thanks, WF!

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