Resident Evil HD Review (ReadRetro)

"You know how you make a copy of a copy and it isn't quite as sharp as the original?" Capcom's latest remake certainly feels a lot like that.

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DarkOcelet1415d ago

The cons really sucks. The controls are awesome and are meant for old school Resident Evil fans, that is how it was.

Replay value is great especially if you like to replay it on higher difficulties and the variety in between them is great.

Cheesy dialogue is the best part of Resident Evil.

If you remember the original Resident Evil like you said then you would have loved this one. And as an old RE fan, i give this masterpiece a 10\10

obelix991414d ago

Oh yes sir i agree. One of the best games of all time. Wicked game.

Summons751414d ago

The cheesy dialogue is what MADE this game great and the "classic" tank controls can be (thankfully) changed to a more modern control scheme and for the replay value, a lot of people are buy this game for the third time and playing it again so there is a lot of replay value as classics tend to have.

OrangePowerz1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

2.5 out of 5? The dialogue is supposed to be cheese, it`s like a B grade horror movie. And the controls are supposed to be somewhat in the way. If the controls would be perfect and super easy to use like they are nowadays in every game it would be less of a challenge and not as tense. And that`s why we get games like RE5 and 6, more "serious" with tight controls, easy and no horror or survival.