Another set of gameplay screens for the Vita JRPG exclusive, Criminal Girls: Invite Only

A set of new screenshots showing off the battle system and motivational sessions has been made available for Criminal Girls: Invite Only.

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dark-kyon1416d ago

No way paying full price for this thing,i can deal with censored content,but cutting some parts of the japanese audio track is unacceptable,i wait fo %50 sale if heard good impressions of "gamers".

cleft51415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I was hyped for this game before I started reading about the censorship. Quite frankly it's pointless because the same people that would have complained before the censorship will still complain after the censorship. All they succeeded in doing is depriving customers of the original experience.

I did want to buy the game on release to support the developer, but I am not willing to support censorship. Shame because the game looked interesting and harmless. Seriously, people have access to the internet in the palm of their hands on their Vita. Nothing in this game was going to equal to the porn web sites I could browse on the Vita for free.

Th4Freak1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Would you mind to explain your logic to me? Because frankly I don't get it. This game features children in and torture/BDSM, do you realize that there would have been no way that this was approved by ESRB? And even if it was it would have been approved under AO rating.

And even in the hypothetical scenario that they decided to release it digital only there was no way that SCEA and SCEE would have approved the game, do you have any idea what that would have caused on SJW and media? That's a problem that NISA and Sony don't want to deal with (actually NISA said it themselves ), we certainly don't need more drama surrounding video games.

What I think is that people like you didn't have any intention to buy the game to begin with, because if you really wanted to play the game, censorship wouldn't been an impediment and in case it was really important to you then you would import the game. So in conclusion, I think people like you don't care about the game itself, I think that you're just b$tch$ng for the sake of hate on censorship even though you should be hating on the rating system and the society you live in.