CVG Reviews: Beijing 2008

CVG Writes:

"Olympic rings? Rather see the red rings of death...

From the wilds of Borneo to the vineyards of Bordeaux, the unrest over the 2008 Olympics being held in Beijing rings out all over the world. In London, angry protesters attempt to wrench the Flame from Konnie Huq's hands while on the other side of world, campaigners for a Free Tibet mobilise themselves. But despite all the hubbub, not a single country has decided to actually boycott The Games.

And what a joy button-bashing is, on the console with face buttons as hard as stale Weetabix. To make matters worse, Beijing 2008 seems to have been developed in some kind of parallel dimension where the Xbox is controlled with a Rubik's Cube. The dexterity required in many of the events borders on the insane."

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