Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo set to shock and awe at E3

All three major console makers are promising big announcements at E3 to surprise us all, but in a shaky economic environment, will the gaming industry's golden age survive? A major forecast says yes – but is it right?

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QueefyB3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

i think sony and nintendo will shock and awe because they have reliable systems and great games i think microsoft will be kicked out of the building because the xbox 360 is a fire hazard and people want to go to e3 and play games not die

AngryHippo3692d ago

.....did you come up with that one all by yourself?! You must be a really clever chap. Well done.

PoSTedUP3692d ago

"i think microsoft will be kicked out of the building"<----lol lol yo son thats mad funny.

@ timmy- hes jus having fun- dont b*tch and moan it was only a joke.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3692d ago

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo set to shock and awe at 2008 E3

Sony and Nintendo set to shock and awe at 2009 E3

Sony set to shock and awe at 2010 E3 ;-D

@QueefyB ;) As long as they got a good supply of Fire Extinguishers they should be ok!!! ;-D

juuken3692d ago

Behave! xD

But seriously, I'm interested to see what all three companies bring to the table.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3692d ago

Yeah i think my last comment came across like i sounded like a FanBoy!!!;-D
I don't mind seeing what the others have got to. I don't like saying this but Competition is good. It keeps the companies on their toes like;) Even tho Micro$oft are a Dirty opponent!!! :-/
...i nearly made a comment without sounding like a FanBoy!!! ;-D

juuken3692d ago

...I don't know what to say about you. xD
Silly goose! :3

AngryTypingGuy3692d ago

Ha ha, juuken has a man-crush on Sir Ken!

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Mutley4163692d ago

E3=DVR!!! thanks for the reminder!!!

PR0F3TA3692d ago

thank YOU for the reminder

kosha3692d ago

Thats great news. Hopefully its more on the games side of things instead of say a new wii remote or sony announce a 47.5gb ps3

dantesparda3692d ago

Yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah. I'll believe it when i see it.

name3692d ago

Be careful about nintendo. They promised big things last year and we saw wii fit.

decapitator3692d ago

This article offers nothing new. From what I have been able to gather, Sony and Microsoft are set to go at it big time. Nintendo will probably introduce some sort of USB storage device. And maybe, something fanns have been asking for.

Mikelarry3692d ago

a wii that has hard drive or like Ngai and brian crencente say wii music

Voiceofreason3692d ago

Care to provide proof for that or do you normally just make things up?

Mikelarry3692d ago

was that aimed at me. if it was i never said they were i said maybe they would. maybe being the keyword there

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Premonition3692d ago

Gaming will survive its like crack, cant get enough of it lol.

thebudgetgamer3692d ago

if gaming survived 1983 i see no problems

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