A look at the upcoming Stealth Xbox One Dual Charging Dock

Several images are available for the upcoming Stealth Xbox One Dual Charging Dock.

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Kingdomcome2471183d ago

I prefer the design of my Energized dual charging dock. This is very similar to the Nyyko charger.

r3f1cul1183d ago

i just want a true wired controller... i dont think thats that much to ask... yes i know you can get the micro usb chord, ive had 2 ... i just want a true built in wired controller i dont like anything wireless personally, just a battery hassle to me that i cant be bothered to deal with if i have the option...

Trekster_Gamer1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Looks like my nyko charger. It has worked like a charm for 13 months so far.

It is great in the fact it charges controllers to a full charge and then powers off.