PS4 Gets 14 New Static and Dynamic Themes: Pictures and Video Inside

Sony Computer Entertainment released a new batch of PS4 static and dynamic themes on the North American PlayStation Store.

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Viryu1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Ugh, it seems to be the same thing which happened with PS3. Some random dev spammed the store with mediocre looking avatars and themes there. Seems it's the same studio here.

Abriael1178d ago

There are a couple devs that make good ones, but that virtual burger is really, really bad.

I guess people buy them, or they wouldn't make them.

medman1178d ago

Ok Sony, time to open themes for user development. If it was good enough for ps3, damn it, it's good enough for ps4.

UKmilitia1178d ago

defo and if security is there reason not to then maybe they could create a pc program that we could make them with?

ShowanW1178d ago

I wouldn't mind the openness as long as people keep their crap to themselves...

I don't want PSN flooded (and it looks to be going this way already) with a TON OF CRAP...

Everybody thinks they are good at this. And don't get me wrong, people should believe in themselves, but if you look on the store and then see something similar to what you've done, but it's done 100x better, reality should be setting in...

WeAreLegion1178d ago

I'm sticking with my turtles!

shodai1178d ago

the matrix one is cool, but I can see just a bit of stuttering, for some reason.

spaceg0st1178d ago

These are comically awful. It's amost like they let some high school design class have a shot at these.

Jaqen_Hghar1178d ago

Sticking with the Order 1886, LBP3, and PS20th anniversary ones. A man wishes you could set it to cycle between 3 themes (or whatever number you select) because he does get tired of any one and switches fairly constantly. A cycling theme would reflect the variety of exclusives and games in general that bring people to Playstation.

solidsnake2221178d ago

Man, what I wouldn't pay for a dynamic MGSV theme. Hopefully it happens eventually.

twiggytree121178d ago

God me too, my UI needs some big boss!!

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The story is too old to be commented.