Eurogamer Preview: Rise of the Argonauts

What do RPG fans want? Rise of the Argonauts' lead designer Charley Price believes they want a strong, customisable character with choices to make. And beyond that, it should be simple. Price says he's been busy "discarding the baggage of Dungeons & Dragons" for Argonauts - due out on PC, PS3 and 360 later this year - because it's laborious and repetitive. There's no juggling inventory items, no health or mana bars, no levelling up, XP or grind, and menus are few. This is a third-person action-RPG built on Unreal Engine 3. And Argonauts doesn't stop at reinterpreting the genre; it also wants to resurrect Ancient Greece.

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Pornlord3730d ago

If he thinks that I want to play an RPG where I don't level up he's sadly mistaken.

MK_Red3730d ago

Hopefully the character customsization options are deep enough.

Harry1903730d ago

am really excited. Seeing the videos ad reading the previews,I expect a solid game which will score in around the 7-8 out of 10. Sadly,I don't think it will be a commercial success.