Dying Light PS4 Versus Xbox One Comparison: Almost Identical Across Both Platforms

Bill: "Techland's ambitious open world zombie survival game, Dying Light is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Our initial analysis suggests that the developers have done a decent job in delivering a fairly optimized game on consoles."


For anyone doubting this comparison, please check out at the video at 4:06 with speed turn down to 0.25, You will clearly see the X and Square Buttons. Here is the image for your reference

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THC CELL1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

OK they look close but guys seriously go into display range turn it on full. Not automatic ps4 it's a little better

THC CELL1416d ago

Playstation>settings> display> video output> rgb range full. All disagree yea whatever been known u can set this from ps3 days.

Dudebro901416d ago

Why would you use full? Typically that's for PC monitors not tv. Most tvs are set to limited by default.

porkChop1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )


I don't know what TV you have, but every TV in my household, as well as my friends, all support full RGB and look MUCH better when you have it turned on. I've been using full RGB since I first got my PS3.

UnHoly_One1416d ago

RGB set to full looks terrible on a typical TV.

You gain nothing by doing this except you are tricking yourself into thinking it's better.

If you just calibrated your TV's color, brightness, etc, properly, you could get a much better image.

stiggs1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

@The Cell and Pork chop

If you set the RGB range to full the result will be crushed blacks and loss of detail in the shadow areas. The blacks may appear darker but at a significant cost.

TVs use a video range from 16-235. They are not designed to display the full spectrum of 0-255. The Full setting is designated for PCs and the Limited setting is for TVs.

If you think that setting RGB range to full makes the PS4 version look better then you're fooling yourself. In this case limited does not mean worse.

Here is an article explaining the difference between full and limited RGB


inveni01416d ago

At 7:53, they're both Xbox One. You can tell because earlier, doors are opened with square on PS4, but in this one, it's opened with "X". If the buttons were mapped the same on both versions, then the corresponding button on X1 would be "A".

jackanderson19851415d ago

@inveni0 i was initially going to call u paranoid but after looking at them for a few seconds and checking out the controllers themselves u might be onto something.... like the X on the two shots are the same but on the controllers they're different and 99.9999% of the time the game will use the button styling of the console it's on.

to sum it up you might be onto something ha

inveni01415d ago

@jackanderson1985 It doesn't really make sense to make square open doors for the first part of the game, and then later switch to cross. So this was either a mistake by the person who assembled the video, or it was done purposefully. Of those two options, I'm assuming the former.

stiggs1415d ago

You guys are disagreeing with science now?


GameNameFame1415d ago

Did gamingbolt says "their analysis"


Why aren't they banned as source yet?

Alsybub1415d ago


Correct, RGB Full Range does create crushed blacks.

If limited seems washed out it's because the display isn't calibrated correctly; virtually all displays are badly calibrated out of the box. This is because they're calibrated to look brighter and more colourful next to other displays in a show room, not in your living room.

1415d ago
stiggs1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

@ Alsybub

There was a brief period during which I was obsessed with the image quality of my displays. I took classes on calibration and purchased my own tools (colorimeter and software) in order to dial in the perfect image.

The majority of TVs that I encounter are set up incorrectly. "Hey, turn up the saturation, sharpness and contrast to 100. That looks great!". So, it's no surprise that most people are ignorant in regard to proper RGB settings.

I find it ironic that there are so many people on N4G that proclaim "image quality in games is king" yet they are playing these games on poorly calibrated TVs.

Thanks for backing me up.

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shloobmm31416d ago

But you can go to xbox one and also put it on Full( well in this case PC RGB) and receive the same results.

Macdaddy711416d ago

I own ps4 n Xbox one, son has X1 other son has ps4, so we downloaded the game to my X1 n downloaded sons on ps4, both are hooked to our 2014 LG hdtv... I can assure you that no one can tell the difference in the two,... If you set n try to pick out the difference then you don't need to be gaming,...
I'm sure it will start now that they lower it to X1 n made it same for the ps4, after playing all the games we have ps4 has nothing over X1...the difference are in 1st party games..ps4 1st party games looks little better then 3 party X1 games, BUT!!!! X1 1st party games looks just as good as ps4 1st party games,....there not a enough difference for any gamer to say I'm buying ps4 or X1 cause the games look better....

nX1416d ago

You downloaded this game on two separate consoles but play on the same TV? I don't know whether that's sad or funny.

UltraAtomic1415d ago

Thank you!! its about time someone makes since.

UltraNova1415d ago

The force is strong with this one...

poor_cus_of_games1415d ago

Are you trying to tell me that dead rising 3 looks just as good graphically as the order?

Bathyj1415d ago

LG tv?

There's your problem.

1415d ago
IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1414d ago

So you bought the same game on two consoles?

You either have money to burn or you're a liar.

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Sm00thNinja1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

You have no idea what your talking about troll unless your tv has this setting as well do not mix and match sources. This is usually for computer monitors

Zeref1416d ago

Almost identical? That is bullshit!! I can see 3 extra Peas on the PS4 version. Three EXTRA PEAS DAMMIT!

BallsEye1416d ago ShowReplies(2)
Gamer19821415d ago

The quality on both is TERRIBLE so you cannot see any detail and thus differnces. They have gone to lengths here to hide any differnces if there are any but it doesn't matter at the end of the day as it plays really well on both consoles.. YOU HEAR THAT UBISOFT!!

subtenko1415d ago

The video is FAKE! Yea both are different at 4:05 but at 7:53 both sides are Xbox One!

VforVideogames1415d ago

NAH just gimme the Xbox version.

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Excalibur1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I'll be getting both versions tonight and I'll see for myself, either way it won't make much difference because I have a Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One, I usually by the version most suitable to my situation, be a gamer not a hater.

Ares84HU1416d ago

Why do you need two versions of the same game? You must be a very rich person.

Excalibur1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Well, if you must know, I have friends on both systems that I want to play with and I budgeted myself for Dying Light and Evolve, since I canceled Evolve due to the B.S. associated with the game I decided to indulge myself with both sets of friends instead of choosing one over the other.

I guess my point is, I play the version that gives ME the best results, I'm at a place in my life I can afford each system so articles like this are kinda lost on me unless they are telling me which one is better and why.
I never understood the jealousy or hate over one system or the other because if you can only afford one and not the other then why would you care what it looked like on the other? This is the version the Dev gave you and you can play it or not and I do agree with those that say that each version of the game should be made according to what the individual system can handle if the devs so chose to do so.

Mega241416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

maybe he has friends on both console who wish to play together. Co-op in this game is fun. Well, co-op in Techland games is usually fun.

Edit: Excalibur just clarified my point.

@whyisthehorsestaring I think his point is: "Play your console and shut your mouth"

Ares84HU1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Good for you, I guess.


No, that is not my point. I just don't see why you need to have the same game on Ps4 and Xbone. Ok, you say yiu have friends on both I get it. Personally, I would pick a platform on which I would play this game on and I would get another game for that other $59.99. Unless you are rich I don't see the point of owning the same game on more than one platform.

I don't mean this as an insult or anything like that. Just stated what I think is a waste of money. But it's his money he can do whatever he wants obviously.

Also, you must really love your friends. I would just tell them that; listen, I will be playing this game on X system, if you want to play with me, get it on that.

Pixel_Enemy1416d ago

If $120 makes you "rich".. Well..

reallyNow1416d ago


theres no reason to defend yourself against these fools. haha I bought 3 copies of BF3. PC, 360, and PS3. I bought 2 copies of BF4, PC and PS4. Some people cant fathom having friends on different platforms.

Alsybub1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )


I sometimes buy the same game on multiple platforms, for the same reasons as mentioned.

I bought Destiny for PS4 and X1, because I have friends that play on both. By your reasoning there must be something wrong with me.

Games are a very social thing for a lot of people. To get the most out of them, and to play with my friends, I sometimes choose to buy both. On that basis it makes complete sense. I know quite a few people that do the same as me.

I'm not rich.

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whyisthehorsestaring1416d ago

You're a hater if you don't buy the same game for two different platforms? Unbelievable Jeff.

Chanogram1416d ago

Pretty sure you missed his point entirely.

Jason_Plays_PC1415d ago

I doubt too many on this site get what unbelievable jeff is.. but lol at kammy reference.

Genuine-User1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I was about to say that buying 2 copies of the same game on two different platforms is a waste of money...
Then I remembered that I bought Max Payne 3 on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Lol
Don't know why I did that :s

Nekroo911416d ago

why dont you just ask for one of your friends to share the game (ps4) you can still play with them for free

Excalibur1416d ago

Well in all honestly, why do any of us "need" any game or console for that matter let alone mutli copies?
Bottom line gaming is my only "Vice" if you will I don't typically spend frivolously and don't often double dip, as far as loving my friends? As a matter of fact I do so to speak, these are people I spend time with in RL not just internet acquaintances so yeah, love might be a bit strong but I think you get my meaning.
As far as wasting money, well that's subjective isn't it, some could say gaming in general is a waste of money others could say the game itself is a waste of money and others could say console versions of the game are a waste of money, as you said, it's my money to waste so...
I look at it as an opportunity to game with 8+ different friends on multi consoles and see the differences and similarities for myself for a change instead of reading someone elses opinion.

LackTrue4K1416d ago

Instead of buying 2 copy's of the "same game"
I would just go with the colletor/special edition or something. Rather spend 160 on a copy that would hold more value.

And if they are your good friends, they would have the same platform as you. "Just saying"

Excalibur1415d ago

So because they are good friends they must have the same console as me....?

What does being friends with someone have to do with what system they prefer to play on?

And if I'm double dipping why would I buy a more expensive version in essence spending more $$$?

shloobmm31415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )


You don't need to be rich to be able to afford multiple versions of games or multiple systems. I dont see why that is everyone's go to line. Hell I am far from rich but i live comfortably and within my means and I routinely buy games for both consoles to play with my friends and family. If you think $60 is a lot of money you have an extremely skewed vision of reality.$60 for possibly hundreds of hours of entertainment is a steal especially when you factor in that everything in the world gets hit by inflation except video game pricing. Back in the 80's it would cost me anywhere from$40 to $100 to buy NES and Atari games and the fact that games now retain a $50 to $60 max for all but deluxe editions or special editions is an incredible thing in an age where everything else has tripled or doubled in price.

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Kakashi Hatake1416d ago

Why does the industry act like this is a positive thing? The extra power of PS4 is being ignored. How is that a good thing?

Ares84HU1416d ago

Now it's a good thing because PS4 dominates this gen. Last gen it was a bad thing and the PS3 held back the Xbox 360 according to journalists if the game looked the same on both platforms.

The xbox ass kissing will never stop it seams.

DougLord1416d ago

Last gen the gap between 360 and PS3 was a lot bigger then this gen AT FIRST. Once some good studios got experience with the PS3, you might even say the PS3 had a few games that looked better then anything on 360. But for about 2 years the PS3 was difficult to program for.

Last gen we were talking about 480p vs 720p. This gen we are talking about 900p vs 1080p. Anyone that knows anything about Video knows TV/Cable/VHS to DVD was a much bigger step then DVD to 720p broadcast, and that 720p/1080p broadcast to Bluer a was even smaller. Now most professional video reviewers say you have to sit closer closer then 10 feet, and have a bigger then 50" TV to see the difference between Blueray and 4k.

I have 3 primary TVs. A $2,000 - 108 inch 1080p Epson projector with a $5,000 screen that I sit about 8 feet from. A 50" Samsung plasma I sit about 6 feet from (office). And a 65" 1080p Panny plasma I sit 15 feet from (bedroom). I also have a 30 inch 1440p I sit 2 feet from (PC). On the projector I can see a big difference in broadcast vs blueray. On the 65" plasma, not so much. On the 1440p monitor resolution really matters.

The point is, 900p vs 1080p is indistinguishable to the average person. I wouldn't be able to see the difference on my 50" and MAYBE I could see it on my 108" if I paused and looked really hard at one part of the screen.

livedeht1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

@ Doug, u r wrong about last gen differences, COD was a difference of like 10p and the same with RDR. And btw the difference of 480p vs 720p is less then 900p vs 1080p. The ps4 is being underutilized and to say otherwise is completely false and ignorant. Edit, just because YOU can't see a difference does not mean there isn't one....btw 900 is more then 500,000 less pixels lol...half a million !

Yetter1416d ago

Do you expect it to run higher than 1080p? Should it be running at 60fps? There are very, very few AAA games on the PS4 that have been able to pull this off, I don't know why you would think techland could achieve it. Have you played their previous games?

CaptainObvious8781415d ago

Did he say it needs to be running higher than 1080p? Did he say it should be running at 60fps? No he fking didn't!

Do you really expect the game to be running the same when the PS4 is more powerful? What was the point of Sony talking to developers and basing the console around their feedback. What was the point of me doing my research and buying the more powerful console, expecting better multiplats?

This parity BS needs to stop.

JJShredder1416d ago

There's no proof of it being ignored. The PS4 is a more powerful system but stop acting like it's completely blowing the X1 out of the water.

For all you know, the X1 could only do 34FPS Max while the PS4 could do 50FPS max but instead of dealing with screen tearing and other performance issues, they decided to lock it to 30FPS on both.

The worst thing for the industry is fanboys demanding unrealistic expectations like 1080P AND 60FPS for this gen's games as it's forcing developers to comprise gameplay elements and other graphical elements just to meet the status quo.

1416d ago
ThePope1416d ago

Guess what homeboy you were NEVER promised when you bought the ever so slightly more powerful PS4 that games would look better on it. In fact parity makes it so developers can focus on, oh you know, the game instead of WASTING resources to add 1 extra tree to a game.

The PS4 is not a super computer and never will be. Its also not that much more powerful than the X1 and never will be. Because as I've said before if its so much more powerful now it would show NOW. Yet the best looking game on each console (QB and The Order)look about the same.

IF you really want more power and maximizing the game you need to buy a PC and stop playing on the PS4 because you will always be let down.

Zeref1416d ago

"Your gaming rig can not handle our game" - Crackdown Dev

Xbox Won.

CaptainObvious8781415d ago

Developers that actually play to the strengths to each console regularly get roughly 50% more pixels on the PS4.

You can keep telling yourself this "slightly more powerful, 1 extra tree" BS, but the math doesn't lie and doesn't try to downplay facts.

rainslacker1415d ago

The parity clause isn't about the look of the game. It's about content and release day of a game. Content has to be equal or more on the Xbox, outside of contracts which allow one console to have exclusive content, like with some Ubisoft AC games for instance.

Day and date is that a game has to release on the same day, or before it releases on other consoles, again barring some contract for exclusivity.

Any other talk about forced graphical parity is all speculation, as it's never been confirmed to have been MS doing anything underhanded.

joeorc1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )


That is where you and other's are quite in fact wrong, not only is the ps4 but also the Xbox one is also in fact a supercomputer!

Stats on ASCI Red.

"ASCI Red, with over 6,000 200MHz Pentium Pros and a cost of $46 million ($67 million today), was the first supercomputer to break the 1 teraflop barrier. Later upgraded to 9,298 Pentium II Xeons, ASCI Red reached 3.1 teraflops. It was the fastest supercomputer in the world for four years, and also the first supercomputer installation to use more than 1 megawatt of power. It was only decommissioned in 2006, after 10 years of use by the Sandia National Laboratories."

If your computing device can number crunch of performance of 1TF/sec or higher it is by that metric alone puts such a device into a SuperComputer class for its performance, which is why PDA's, Laptops over 15 years ago are not!, but games consoles like the PS3, xbox360, ps4 and Xbox one are!

What's even more ironic is this:

In japan by the regulations body the ps4 is, but the Xbox one is not, but in north america both are because both exceed over 1 TF/sec in performance in number crunching.

Look at the cost of ASCI Red in 1997 and the cost, and here we are with Game consoles that can exceed that performance for the cost and people have to ask are gamers today spoiled...Yeah in my opinion yes..LMAO, I like being spoiled though..I think many Gamer's today do not really know how good they have it! Try back in 1997 or hell even before than and I know because I lived it.

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gangsta_red1415d ago

"The extra power of PS4 is being ignored. How is that a good thing?"

Exactly what is being ignored? What power is missing from the PS4 version? What should this game be doing to utilize the extra power of the PS4?

cutthroatslim1415d ago

Pretty stupid f'n question, wow are u dense!

Mehmeh1415d ago


Can be said about your reply aswell:)

Psygnosis3331415d ago

PS4 version has better antialiasing,what more did you expect ?
Maybe after 2 years we will see bigger difference like better textures becouse of gddr5...we will see..

gangsta_red1415d ago

@ cutthroatslim

As usual, no one can answer my question. Just throw insults when they have no answer.

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jrshankill1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

If "the extra power of PS4 is being ignored", then take the console back.

Yeah, I thought you wouldn't.

While PS4 gamers cry parity, I will believe it when I see this magical PS4 game that shows off this incredible difference in performance. There are no games on the Xbox One that look REALLY inferior to their PS4 counterpart. Likewise, exclusives on PS4 are just failing to impress graphically.

This imaginary 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% more power is a bunch of bulls**t. "UUUGH BUT DEVELOPERS ARE HOLDING THE PS4 BACK". Crybabies.

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Kakashi Hatake1416d ago

Oh nevermind, it's GamingBolt

Hibsboy851416d ago

Here we go again somone spotted a extra bit of grass on the ps4 version

Ares84HU1416d ago

Same thing happened last gen but it was always in the 360s favour.

Also, did anyone notice how these "comparisons" aren't that in your face anymore? Last gen every second article was a comparison on 360vsPS3 and was showing zoomed in images to show how much less jeggies the 360 has as opposed to the PS3.

So now that the tables turned these "comparisons" all of a sudden are stupid huh?

MasterCornholio1416d ago

What ever happened to the comparisons done by lens of truth?

Its like since the tables have turned they don't do them anymore.

Isn't that curious?

BlackTar1871416d ago


it's stupid how bias the american journilsm scene is.

Missing grass, More jaggies if you pause the game. a 1-5 frame difference were enough to declare the 360 the superior version and we got article after article about it. Hell we got like 3-4 websites opened and flourishing about the differences. Now it's a well it's okay and it's good they are the same or it's well it's a small difference it doesn't matter anyways. Gameplay not graphics.

The American Media and us Americans who eat it up are the problem.

The trith is everyone says oh the graphics don't matter but the tune changes the moment they get a snif of something that may be better then a ps game.