Dying Light PS4 Versus Xbox One Comparison: Almost Identical Across Both Platforms

Bill: "Techland's ambitious open world zombie survival game, Dying Light is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Our initial analysis suggests that the developers have done a decent job in delivering a fairly optimized game on consoles."


For anyone doubting this comparison, please check out at the video at 4:06 with speed turn down to 0.25, You will clearly see the X and Square Buttons. Here is the image for your reference

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THC CELL933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

OK they look close but guys seriously go into display range turn it on full. Not automatic ps4 it's a little better

THC CELL933d ago

Playstation>settings> display> video output> rgb range full. All disagree yea whatever been known u can set this from ps3 days.

Dudebro90933d ago

Why would you use full? Typically that's for PC monitors not tv. Most tvs are set to limited by default.

porkChop933d ago (Edited 933d ago )


I don't know what TV you have, but every TV in my household, as well as my friends, all support full RGB and look MUCH better when you have it turned on. I've been using full RGB since I first got my PS3.

UnHoly_One933d ago

RGB set to full looks terrible on a typical TV.

You gain nothing by doing this except you are tricking yourself into thinking it's better.

If you just calibrated your TV's color, brightness, etc, properly, you could get a much better image.

stiggs933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

@The Cell and Pork chop

If you set the RGB range to full the result will be crushed blacks and loss of detail in the shadow areas. The blacks may appear darker but at a significant cost.

TVs use a video range from 16-235. They are not designed to display the full spectrum of 0-255. The Full setting is designated for PCs and the Limited setting is for TVs.

If you think that setting RGB range to full makes the PS4 version look better then you're fooling yourself. In this case limited does not mean worse.

Here is an article explaining the difference between full and limited RGB


inveni0933d ago

At 7:53, they're both Xbox One. You can tell because earlier, doors are opened with square on PS4, but in this one, it's opened with "X". If the buttons were mapped the same on both versions, then the corresponding button on X1 would be "A".

jackanderson1985933d ago

@inveni0 i was initially going to call u paranoid but after looking at them for a few seconds and checking out the controllers themselves u might be onto something.... like the X on the two shots are the same but on the controllers they're different and 99.9999% of the time the game will use the button styling of the console it's on.

to sum it up you might be onto something ha

inveni0933d ago

@jackanderson1985 It doesn't really make sense to make square open doors for the first part of the game, and then later switch to cross. So this was either a mistake by the person who assembled the video, or it was done purposefully. Of those two options, I'm assuming the former.

stiggs933d ago

You guys are disagreeing with science now?


GameNameFame932d ago

Did gamingbolt says "their analysis"


Why aren't they banned as source yet?

Alsybub932d ago


Correct, RGB Full Range does create crushed blacks.

If limited seems washed out it's because the display isn't calibrated correctly; virtually all displays are badly calibrated out of the box. This is because they're calibrated to look brighter and more colourful next to other displays in a show room, not in your living room.

932d ago
stiggs932d ago (Edited 932d ago )

@ Alsybub

There was a brief period during which I was obsessed with the image quality of my displays. I took classes on calibration and purchased my own tools (colorimeter and software) in order to dial in the perfect image.

The majority of TVs that I encounter are set up incorrectly. "Hey, turn up the saturation, sharpness and contrast to 100. That looks great!". So, it's no surprise that most people are ignorant in regard to proper RGB settings.

I find it ironic that there are so many people on N4G that proclaim "image quality in games is king" yet they are playing these games on poorly calibrated TVs.

Thanks for backing me up.

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shloobmm3933d ago

But you can go to xbox one and also put it on Full( well in this case PC RGB) and receive the same results.

Macdaddy71933d ago

I own ps4 n Xbox one, son has X1 other son has ps4, so we downloaded the game to my X1 n downloaded sons on ps4, both are hooked to our 2014 LG hdtv... I can assure you that no one can tell the difference in the two,... If you set n try to pick out the difference then you don't need to be gaming,...
I'm sure it will start now that they lower it to X1 n made it same for the ps4, after playing all the games we have ps4 has nothing over X1...the difference are in 1st party games..ps4 1st party games looks little better then 3 party X1 games, BUT!!!! X1 1st party games looks just as good as ps4 1st party games,....there not a enough difference for any gamer to say I'm buying ps4 or X1 cause the games look better....

nX933d ago

You downloaded this game on two separate consoles but play on the same TV? I don't know whether that's sad or funny.

UltraAtomic933d ago

Thank you!! its about time someone makes since.

UltraNova932d ago

The force is strong with this one...

poor_cus_of_games932d ago

Are you trying to tell me that dead rising 3 looks just as good graphically as the order?

Bathyj932d ago

LG tv?

There's your problem.

932d ago
IGiveHugs2NakedWomen932d ago

So you bought the same game on two consoles?

You either have money to burn or you're a liar.

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Sm00thNinja933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

You have no idea what your talking about troll unless your tv has this setting as well do not mix and match sources. This is usually for computer monitors

Zeref933d ago

Almost identical? That is bullshit!! I can see 3 extra Peas on the PS4 version. Three EXTRA PEAS DAMMIT!

BallsEye933d ago ShowReplies(2)
Gamer1982932d ago

The quality on both is TERRIBLE so you cannot see any detail and thus differnces. They have gone to lengths here to hide any differnces if there are any but it doesn't matter at the end of the day as it plays really well on both consoles.. YOU HEAR THAT UBISOFT!!

subtenko932d ago

The video is FAKE! Yea both are different at 4:05 but at 7:53 both sides are Xbox One!

VforVideogames932d ago

NAH just gimme the Xbox version.

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Excalibur933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

I'll be getting both versions tonight and I'll see for myself, either way it won't make much difference because I have a Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One, I usually by the version most suitable to my situation, be a gamer not a hater.

Ares84HU933d ago

Why do you need two versions of the same game? You must be a very rich person.

Excalibur933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

Well, if you must know, I have friends on both systems that I want to play with and I budgeted myself for Dying Light and Evolve, since I canceled Evolve due to the B.S. associated with the game I decided to indulge myself with both sets of friends instead of choosing one over the other.

I guess my point is, I play the version that gives ME the best results, I'm at a place in my life I can afford each system so articles like this are kinda lost on me unless they are telling me which one is better and why.
I never understood the jealousy or hate over one system or the other because if you can only afford one and not the other then why would you care what it looked like on the other? This is the version the Dev gave you and you can play it or not and I do agree with those that say that each version of the game should be made according to what the individual system can handle if the devs so chose to do so.

Mega24933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

maybe he has friends on both console who wish to play together. Co-op in this game is fun. Well, co-op in Techland games is usually fun.

Edit: Excalibur just clarified my point.

@whyisthehorsestaring I think his point is: "Play your console and shut your mouth"