Dying Light Tips and Tricks – Unlock Perks, Repair Weapons, Craft Items

Prima Staff (Prima Games): Dying Light takes place in Harran, a fictional Middle Eastern city plagued by an infectious disease that transforms people into undead monsters. In a desperate attempt to curb the zombie apocalypse, those in charge seal off the place and leave survivors to fend for themselves.

You play as Kyle Crane, a GRE operative sent into Harran to track down missing military officer Kadir Suleiman, who may be in possession of an important file. How you make use of the environment will determine whether you reach this person or become another statistic.

We don’t want you to die, so use these beginner’s tips to navigate through Harran, pick up the best weapons and upgrade Kyle’s abilities. What you learn will become useful at night when the more aggressive zombies come out to play.

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