E3 has turned stale for PC, says Microsoft

There's been a lot of talk about the downfall of E3 - the industry's former mighty trade event - in recent years, but none of it about how the PC fraternity feels it no longer has a place at the LA show.

As sad as it may sound, PC mouthpieces are now starting to suggest that the media isn't interested in the PC's output at E3, making it pointless for many PC-based developers and publishers to attend at all.

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chaosatom3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

isn't xbox a type of PC too?


Gorgon3726d ago

Ups! Things ain't looking good for PC-only gamers.

JsonHenry3726d ago

PCs don't get as much media attention, that has ALWAYS been the case. ALWAYS.

Most PC gamers are tech savvy and get all their information from the web anyway. So why waste money promoting a PC game that already has a rabid fan base online? E3 is more about what is going to be shown in the next console magazine or on G4TV.

Seriously - if you think PC gamers don't exist in MASSIVE numbers then look at gamespy/STEAM/ at just how many people are playing games online, on a PC, at ANY given moment. Now compare that to the paltry console game sales. There are more people playing online on a PC (not even counting single player PC games here) than there are games sold for consoles.

Don't even try to compare the PC online gamers to console online gamers numbers. There is simply no competition with the PC.

Gorgon3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

No, it hasn't been like that always. Also, console users also know how to use the internet. You make it seem like there is no publicity for PC games because PC gamers don't need it. Have you any idea how much money was spent on the promotion of Crysis? Almost as many as on the development of the game itself.

Ofcourse PC gamers exist in massive numbers. Too bad they don't pay for the games so they can buy GPUs. You seem to be forgeting that publishers DO know how much money they get from their games licensed to release through services like Steam. Steam may not release numbers to the public but publishers know how to look at their own bank accounts. If its selling so well why are most publishers droping PC exclusives (except for MMOs and RTSs of course, and flash-based internet games)? According to you, all they had to do is release PC exclusives through Steam and the likes and all would be well. Guess all they needed to solve their problems was to hire you.

I've been a PC player for more than 20 years, pal. It just happens that I'm interested in games, not platforms.

thehitman3725d ago

SC2 and D3 Show up thats all PC needs.

Pain3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Wants its Royalty driven/Add saturated gaming/media console to be its gaming platform and not some ZERO $$$profit$$$ gaming system.....

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