Tom Clancy's The Division Pre-orders Kick Off


"Pre-orders for the upcoming release of Tom Clancy's The Division on PS4, Xbox One, and PC have kicked off at Amazon!"

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CocoWolfie1418d ago

the release date isnt a thing yet is it? the article still says Q4 2015, and amazon pre-orders say Dec 31st. so..? :/

Neonridr1418d ago

just a placeholder. Yeah I was confused about the title too. I thought maybe we were being told what the release date was... clearly not.

Gamer19821417d ago

Yeah a bit daft pre-order pages without a solid date. I mean they do it to try tie you up early but give you the ability to un-pre-order.. Just daft..

NEO_X1418d ago

This game looks like it could be amazing. I really wish they had a real release date on this

Bleucrunch1417d ago

Ubisoft can start a wave if this thing goes right. Imagine the possibilities of in this kind of genre. I looooove RPG's this is a new experience that I cannot pass up.

Reddzfoxx1417d ago

It will be trash day 1 like other Ubisoft games. Unfortunately the gaming industry is full speed ahead for rushing games out loaded with bugs and basically feeling like alpha builds.

I have lost all faith in Ubisoft but after a few months if the game is cleaned up I may pick up this title.

Gamer19821417d ago

Was so excited about this game and then came along 2014 and Ubisoft.. Watch Dogs made me the most skeptical about this game.. Not to mention newer videos.. It seems to be a console style MMO (meaning not traditional a perfect example would be Destiny)..

traumadisaster1417d ago

I thought there was a "movement" by the gaming community to stop participating in pre orders because of poor quality control. My backlog restricts me from the PO.

Anyway I would suggest not approving articles that encourage excitement of the PO.

Multiplatguy1417d ago

That movement bothers me. I have Preordered games for over a decade and never had any regrets. The movement should change their focus to informing people on how to preorder correctly.

This for example; it's too early to preorder The Division until we get closer to launch and see more gameplay footage.

1417d ago
souldestroyer141417d ago


Well the most logical reason to pre order a digital game is to predownload the game so once midnight hits you can play it. Beats downloading a game at launch considering how large games are now and it beats waiting in line outside a store in 20°F weather.

Ashby_JC1417d ago

this game has my interest but I wont be pre ordering. Ill rent...then buy if I like.

I can afford $60 but the option to rent and then maybe buy is better for me.

I dont think I have EVER pre ordered. Seems a waste of time because major releases are never sold out (in my experience)

Gamer19821417d ago

All the movement has done is force devs and publishers to ban reviewers from releasing reviews until after launch and sending review copies out until actual launch day... Publishers and devs shouldn't be fighting back they should be helping the gamers..

souldestroyer141417d ago

And don't forget ridiculous pre order bonuses. The multiplayer mode to dying light was originally a pre order bonus.. Absolutely disgusting

MilkMan1417d ago

Q4?! Ill wait. I want to read like 15 reviews on this thing before I commit.

corroios1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

But someone still pre order a game from ubidowngradesoft????

It better to wait 6 months after launch for all the patches and then think about...

bigodon1417d ago

trust me, there still people doing that
i know a person who is day one maniac, he just don't care if game sucks or if it's buggy
the most important for him is pre order the sh*t and play at midnight

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The story is too old to be commented.