Is Virtual Reality the Future of Gaming

Is virtual reality the future of gaming? Will there be a time when we will not need a television screen for immersive gaming experiences?

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saadd201178d ago

VR could be the future, but still it has not gained mass appeal. When these devices get released, we can see how much impact they have.

Sonital1178d ago

Exactly. Instead of speculating on which is better how about we actually just wait for them to be released and see what the experiences are like?!

Kurylo3d1178d ago

i think most of hte people who write these articles and the lucky bunch of people (me included ) who have already bought it have experienced it.. and love it.. thats why theres so much hype.

Team fortress is epic in VR.

darthv721178d ago

VR seems too encapsulating. Limited in your surroundings but i fully get the closed off approach because they want to keep the atmosphere as free from outside influences as possible.

Yet if there was a way to get the same effect but not be closed off to the rest of the environment. Something like in the movie Brain Storm. A head mounted device that did not obstruct your view but instead tapped into your consciousness with the images that provoked the appropriate feeling of actually "being there".

Ultimately, all of these endeavors will lead to the eventual 'holodeck' experience we have wished about since TNG. That is the real future of interactive entertainment.

bunt-custardly1178d ago

They need to improve the resolution quality and required power to run games before it can attempt to gain mass appeal.

BC_Master_Haze1175d ago

What do you mean? 1440p seems good enough, I just don't understand 'required power'

Trekster_Gamer1178d ago

They are HD optics, I think there is much more than niche group awaiting this tech. Microsoft and Sony I'm sure aren't just blindly going into this. I'm sure they've done research and they know what it takes to get it done.

MSBAUSTX1178d ago

To me it is just another way to detach a gamer from the people around him or her. I for one already hate how uncomfortable it is to wear a headset for an hour or two, much less have this thing strapped to my face for an hour or two. Then comes the added cost, the possible headaches and other issues. What about my glasses, what if my contacts get dry, and not to mention the crick in my neck from having to hold my head up for a prolonged period of time and having to turn my head all the time to look around.

This crap idea isnt for me and I will never waste my money on this. How about we invest the money for this into better processors and GPUs for the systems and hit 1080P 60FPS on every game coming out instead of focusing on better ways to give people seizures.

WeAreLegion1178d ago

I have a weird idea that just might work...

Try it! :D

You'll be surprised how crazy your concerns seem once you actually try the thing for yourself.

SteamPowered1178d ago

Blocking yourself from your surroundings may not appeal to you, but it sounds like solid gold to myself. As a person who travels extensively for work, I am always thinking of a peripheral that I can take on the road. Especially since Hotel tvs arent that big and some lock out the tv so you cant hook up your console to the Tv.
If I can have this portability and immersion, well I can see VR in my future.

MSBAUSTX1178d ago

Thats the thing, i said it isnt for me. If this is something that serves a purpose and makes things better for you then that is great. I am not saying that this device doesnt have a place in the future, it just isnt my future. Not to mention the cost of these.

There is no way this is under $150 or even $200. Paying $300 to $400 already for a console that isnt delivering what we expected resolution and FPS wise already on top of the cost of this is a lot of money. Gamers are not just people traveling that need an answer to how to play their games while out of town. Gamers are mothers, fathers and children as well.

I dont want to have to take this thing on and off every time my son needs something. I dont want my kid wearing it either and thus detaching himself from possibly having interactions with his friends when they come over. We all know that once a kid gets a hold of this he wont ever want to play couch co op again.

You need your peripherals to be able to still see what the world is doing around you. I am sure I sound like a crabby old man about this. The bottom line is if you like this and want it then that is perfectly fine and i hope you enjoy it. I for one would rather play them on my TV that already cost me $1000 than pay another few hundred bucks to wear a brick on my face.

Sonital1178d ago

You're more trusting than I am, there's not a chance I would detach myself from reality while travelling alone! I'd consider AR but not VR.

Kurylo3d1178d ago

VR is more then a game... its like entering a new environment where your no longer in the living room.. where as... with on a tv or monitor.. your still in your livingroom watching a screen. In Vr your actually turning your head and looking up at the ceiling.. and out the window of a virtual world. Position and rotation is just so sick.

SteamPowered1178d ago


Ok lets try this another way; with VR you would no longer be playing a game as if through a window, you would have peripheral vision of your surroundings in the game. Personally for me this is a game-changer and a worthy trade-off for wearing a helmet.
Plus when I think of all the potential for media in VR, it really excites me. Virtual Concerts, VR Movies, VR in the classroom, I mean the opportunities are limitless.
Steven Speilburg apparently has a vested interest in VR development. Both he and George Lucas stated that it could be the next big thing. With those 2 heavyweights involved it makes me think that VR media will be taken to the forefront very quickly.

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Codewow1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

It's IN gaming's future, but it's not the future of gaming.

Jaqen_Hghar1178d ago

exactly it's a peripheral not an outright console. A man could see this being like multiple monitors only on consoles instead. Some people will use it and are willing to pay. Not for everyone though or some people are satisfied with the way things look now. A man will look into it and would like to try it out on multiple game types before he decides whether it's worth his time.

Team_Litt1178d ago

I like a man
No homo
No offense

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