PS Users Receiving Error CE-37700-7 When Downloading Dying Light

Playstation forum users are complaining that when they are trying to download Dying Light digitally it is giving them an error code of CE-37700-7, I too am one of those victims who cannot download the game.

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Codewow933d ago

Maybe you should all stop trying to download the game at the same time, overloading the servers. :) That might help! :D

Palitera933d ago

There's a bizarre fix, as usual.

1. Put any free game to download.
2. While the free game is downloading, try to download Dying Light again.

Please report if it works or not, to warn other fellow zombie slayers.

UKmilitia933d ago

been playing this on pc because my ps4 preorder has been put back to feb,its a good game and from watching twitch ps4 streams it looks good on all formats

MSpence516933d ago

This is why they offer pre downloading. To take stress away from the servers on launch night.

Skate-AK933d ago

That's odd. Seen a couple people playing it on my friends list so it's not everyone. Hopefully they fix it soon for those affected.

MysticStrummer933d ago

Quite a few people streaming it on Live From Playstation also.

Palitera933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

It is not widespread.

THC CELL933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

It's downloadable from library u can choose between single player or mp

Starbucks_Fan933d ago

There's probably so many people who just took advantage of the glitch where the season pass counts as the full game...

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The story is too old to be commented.