ThreeSpeech Interview's Sony's President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida

ThreeSpeech Writes: "Sony has a new guru in charge of all in-house games development. Luxuriating in the job title of President, Worldwide Studios, his name is Shuhei Yoshida, and we were there, at Sony's London Studio, when he first faced the press in the UK. We decide to quiz him about where he sees Sony's in-house development for the PlayStation 3 going, his background and where the UK stands in Sony's general development scheme of things. A personable, impeccably polite chap with a fine grasp of English, he has been a PlayStation man since the earliest possible days. So read on…"

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thor3543d ago

Interview's - wtf. I know this isn't grammar class but why is that apostrophe there?

DFresh3543d ago

This dude is gonna do some big things for Sony.

zypher3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

...i'm a bit miffed about their reasoning for the lack of third-party exclusives on the PS3. the philosophy itself would be sound if not for the simple fact that 360 continues to get third-party exclusives, a lot of which are jrpgs.

plain and simple: Sony refuses to buy exclusives. granted, as a gamer i myself am against the practice, but as a PS360 owner i would at least like to see Sony make a concerted effort to keep the playing field leveled in the third-party arena. if that means swallowing their pride and buying exclusives, then so be it.


all in all i am pleased with the PS3. their first-party efforts are always good, and what third-party exclusives they have coming do look interesting. with E3 around the corner i am eagerly looking more info on Home, LBP, Killzone 2, Pacific Rift and Resistance 2, and hope to hear more on FFXIII, White Knight Story/Chronicles, GoW 3, Team ICO and to hear confirmation on Dark Cloud 3. still, Sony needs to work a bit harder toward securing third-party exclusives. nothing would please more from then than to hear about some major third-party games.

RememberThe3573543d ago

I think the future of the PlayStation brand looks good.