DriveClub, 2 new EVO Challenges by Paul Rustchynsky himself

Evolution Studios game director Paul Rustchynsky offers us 2 new EVO Challenges for DriveClub, and says he can be easily beaten.

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WickedLester1179d ago

In before someone cries "where's the free PS Plus version???"

Dekuman1179d ago

Someone already did on Twitter ^^

Dekuman1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

Well... touché! :)

MK24ever1179d ago

I'm sad at Paul, he re-tweets every screenshot sent to him, even if several by the same person but he won't even say "ok" to my video after I tweeted it to him 3 times already.
I know it has some flaws, but for sure it gave more work than take a screenshot

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