EA Will Charge Players to Fill Their Tank With Gas in New Need For Speed Game

Crave Online: "EA, the company behind the much-maligned mobile game Dungeon Keeper which saw players being pilfered of their money in order to progress, is dipping its toes back in the murky water once again with iOS and Android game Need For Speed: No Limits, which requests that players fill up the tank of their vehicle with gas if they want to keep racing, or else they’ll have to wait an extended period of time in order to do so."

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JMaine518935d ago

The king of micro transactions strikes again.

PoSTedUP935d ago (Edited 935d ago )

next thing you know we'll be paying per bullet and a termination fee to exit out of a game.

denawayne935d ago

I can see it in BF. You have to wait 1 minute to spawn OR you could just pay X amount of money to spawn instantly.

vishmarx935d ago

they werent gonna get humbled by ubisoft twice in a row

Dee_91935d ago (Edited 935d ago )

EA, and their consumer friendly practices strikes yet again.Making pre game release DLC a norm just wasn't enough for them.They just have to continue to make money in places money shouldn't be made.I wish the consumers would stop eating this crap up though... I mean I can't expect much from EA but people need to be more frugal when it comes to this stuff.If you don't buy it they won't just keep it in storage they will eventually release it...

nt$300 = $9.65... I wouldn't even spend that much for a mobile game by itself, let alone essentially rent one.

aCasualGamer935d ago

EA: "We don't want to be known as the worst voted company any longer. We will strive to make a change."

...few months later...

"Hey... let's charge gamers real money for fake gas! It's realistic."



Also, I bet you could run your real car for longer with $9.65 worth of real gas.

bouzebbal935d ago

NFS No Limit for retardation..
made by EA.
Mobile gaming smh...

lipton101935d ago

NFS has been trash for the past few years anyway. And EA? Utter criminals. I hope this derivative game sells less than 100k

Razputin935d ago

Jesus Christ people stop giving them ideas.

You know someone is scouring these comments and seeing what ideas are actually good and plausible.

Wizard_King934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

Every game made by King i.e. Candy Krush, Papa Pear etc. all have this system, it's just hearts not tanks of fuel. Adventure Time Card Wars does it.

Heck I can go on the Play Store right now and find about 100 non EA games that are all doing the same thing in one form or another.

I'm not saying it's good or right. But EA are not the first at this by a long shot. Mobile gaming has been suffering from this type of cancer for years now. EA are fairly late to the show with this tactic TBH, I just hope they keep it out of mainstream gaming.

But if anyone has the balls to try and screw gamers over as badly as some of the ideas above me it's EA.


Silly Mammo934d ago

This is an Onion article right?

KING85934d ago

LOL! That comment made me smile.

bigboirock934d ago

Adding were you got to feel up your tank is a great idea and should be in any game that deals with cars but paying real money for a tank is stupid but I highly doubt that this is real

UltraNova934d ago

EA... you done fucked it up! Again!

zeal0us934d ago

Need for Speed No Limit except on your gas tank.

SolidStoner934d ago

need for speed died for me years ago.. I think about after Underground 2, after that I had couple of tries, but the game now is for different audience... hope they will get back to NFS roots or just stop making it..

morganfell934d ago

"You know someone is scouring these comments and seeing what ideas are actually good and plausible."

But those are not the ideas which they have chosen to employ...

user5575708934d ago

this is by far the worst micro-transaction i have ever seen. the problem is that there are people who will pay it

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Mikelarry935d ago

I wonder what their excuse is going to be this time as last time " they made a mistake by innovating too much"

xer0934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

This game use to be good :(

caseh935d ago

Everyone is acting like this is some kind of revelation, it's no different to the billions of mobile games that have energy or whatever the measurement is to do in-game actions.

The games are meant as a distraction, not for hardcore consumption. Just play until the resources are drained, then come back to it when you can be bothered and like magic, you will be able to play again.

nX935d ago

No person on this planet should defend these kind of messed up business models, seriously.

caseh935d ago


And at the same time, no one should try to persecute one company, in this case EA when they are simply mirroring the format EVERY other F2P mobile game uses.

The alternative is constant adverts.

Burackus935d ago

That's what I was thinking most game out there have this, this isn't new

lipton101935d ago

Big difference: mobile games are usually "free" first, not $60 full releases

-EvoAnubis-935d ago

@lipton101: But the game they're talking about here IS a free mobile game. This isn't a console release.

jholden3249934d ago

You have a fair point. EA has earned their crown but this is one instance where they're just par for the course. It's a mobile game, free to play. This is how free to play games operate.

Nothing to see here folks, move along. I'm sure EA will be making headlines soon anyways.

husomc934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

the games that support this business model on the mobile devices don't cost 60$..

read the article. it's a frigging mobile game after all.....

Fez934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

I would defend the game in this instance, depending on how they implement it.
It all depends on how long the it takes for fuel to replenish. Most EA games are rubbish for this.. e.g. the Sims, Dungeon Keeper and The Simpsons mobile games - all ruined by wait-to-play gameplay.

Ubisoft have done the same with the mobile game Trials Frontier but it actually works because fuel replenishes fairly. It's a great game that now, thanks to a recent MP update, you don't need to spend any money on to enjoy. It also has an offline story mode unlike a lot of mobile games that require a constant connection.

In an ideal world, all mobile games would be totally free to play with no restriction on gaming but it would mean less high quality games. A lot of the games we love only continue to exist because they make money so I think it's reasonable that a developer/publisher should be able to make money on a game they have made.

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Snookies12935d ago

Yeah really, wow... When I read that headline, I thought for sure this was a satire article.

DougLord935d ago

Me too! No way any company would do that.

But I guess people are right - its like any F2P game. In fact its not as bad as some. Those card collecting games - you eventually hit a level where you cant progress unless you buy card packs. But usually not until you have enough hours in to not want to quit.

Gaming is becoming a psychology experiment like casino design. How do we get people addicted and suck as much $$ from them as possible.

It used to be that you have to spend $100 million and make a massive AAA game to sell 10 million copies and make $500 million. Now their are 10 F2P games out there clearing $500 million a year. Candy Crush probably cost $10 to make.

Snookies12935d ago (Edited 935d ago )

I also love how it's called "Need for Speed No Limits", except for when you run out of gas lol...