Fatal Inertia hits PSN next week - No Trophies

The downloadable PSN version of 360 racer Fatal Inertia will be out on PSN next week in Europe, July 15, developer Koei has confirmed.

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Silogon3730d ago

Wow, just like I keep telling you all.

3rd party + Hate = No Trophy support for Sony.

PirateThom3730d ago

Actually, now they have no choice, it's been added to the require specs for all future PS3 games if Capcom are to believed.

Mr PS33730d ago

I'll wait for Wipeout

kosha3730d ago

Agreed wipeout will be much better and will most definetly have trophies. So far i have a total of 0 trophies.

juuken3730d ago

I'm waiting for Wipeout as well.

MaximusPrime3730d ago

i played Fatal Inertia and it was worse than i thought. Stay with xbox 360.

Ps3 have a FARRRRR better and true KING of futuristic racing, Wipeout.

juuken3730d ago

I heard about Wipeout but never had the chance to play it. Seen some screens of it and the graphics are AMAZING. o_o

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Rama262853730d ago

Look at the effect Trophies are having already lol :D

Maybe some developers should listen to these people and realise that patching older games (and definitely new games) will probably equate to a few more sales!

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The story is too old to be commented.