Here’s 15 Minutes of Early Gameplay from Dying Light

OnlySP: From Polish developer Techland, Open-world zombie freerunner, Dying Light, launches today. To whet your appetite, here's 15 minutes from the start of the game.

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PockyKing1031d ago

For those of you looking to pick this up today, I'd say go for it. The game is very good looking, the combat is fun, and the little bit of the story I've played is actually pretty interesting. As for the mission structure, it's more or less more of what you've done in open world games or played in Dead Island for that matter. There's a lot of, go help this person, go fetch this, go flip this switch early on. Which is all I can speak for at the moment.

If you have specific questions I'd be happy to answer. And the game is actually pretty polished compared to what they did with Dead Island. Little glitches here and there, but nothing game breaking I've noticed yet.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1031d ago

Got some questions for you. Is there heavy motion blur when looking around? I hate that. How is the performance "if you have it on PS4." And last please tell me it's better than Dead Island games.

PockyKing1031d ago

It's certainly got higher production values than the Dead Island games by a long shot. The graphics are really good. The gameplay is also really improved and the traversal makes it pretty quick to move around. Story is more interesting too.

I do have it on PS4, and the performance has been fine. Maybe a few clips here or there, but nothing major. Framerate is smooth majority of the time. Can't recall any motion blur that really bothered me, there might be some though.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1031d ago (Edited 1031d ago )

Sounds great. I did notice the game looks pretty amazing. I'm just scared I might get bored quick. Maybe I wouldn't I don't know.

Good to hear the production was much higher than Dead Island games. The story seems to be ok from what I hear. There's a lot of go do this, flip this switch, save this person type of gameplay.

jriquelme_paraguay1031d ago

LOVE THIS GAME. Support them.

Blaze9291031d ago

Damn, the difference on consoles is serious

MasterCornholio1031d ago

Compared to each other or the PC version?

I'm assuming you mean the former since its common knowledge that the PC version will be much better.

Blaze9291031d ago

Yes, the PC version i meant in comparison to.

wannabe gamer1031d ago

should have baited the big guy into slamming his hammer down onto those gas tanks on the ground

PockyKing1031d ago

With how little stamina you have starting out, that guy scared the hell out of me haha. I tried to play the game like Dead Island and you cannot do that. You will die quickly.

Fasttrack761031d ago

So tempted to pick this up. Just cant make my mind up. In uk so have to buy digital for now.

DeadlyOreo1031d ago

I'm the same, I feel your pain man. I might just go for it, and suffer the reprocussions.

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