Evolve Dev About PS4/Xbox One Parity, Console Wars Being 'Tedious'

"Parity" seems to be one of the more problematic issues with today's current gen consoles. When Turtle Rock Studios said it would be going with graphical parity for the Xbox One and PS4 versions, what influenced the decision especially when the PS4 is more powerful than the Xbox One?

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Fro_xoxo1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Parity should be a standard between both consoles. . Eventually the bickering will stop, and focus will shift towards the actual games.


*Mounts flame shield*

@Rashid Sayed Consoles don't scale. The hardware is locked. Optimization is all you can deal with. The PC is an open environment. . not comparable to consoles.

@PC_2020 Despite the perks of PC. It isn't for everyone.
I refuse to spend 200 box on a GPU alone to play the same games with extra bells and whistles ^_^.

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gameseveryday1415d ago

I kinda disagree. Every system should be pushed according to their capabilities. This is the precise reason why PC games scale up and down according to the hardware the player has.

MasterCornholio1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Yep that's the way it should be.

And parity shouldn't be used to " avoid debates and stuff" like theFro is saying.

Pogmathoin1415d ago

In all fairness, parity is fine as long as both are pushed to there limits and achieve great things. In some cases, its simply down to the fact that is was easier to achieve on PS4, but nothing was left behind. Do you want developers adding more bells and whistles simply because the PS4 can handle it? Or do you want the game to released? This argument can go on and on, but when developers build a game, they already know what they are aiming for. Parity is wrong though, when you strip a version to keep it the same. That is what should be avoided.

GribbleGrunger1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

That's very nice of you. It's not often you get someone with the more powerful console asking for games to be dumbed down for parity's sake. Kudos to you ... Of course you'll also be including Wiiu in that, I assume because I'm sure even if you own an XB1 you wouldn't mind XB1 games being dumbed down too. Wouldn't want to be a hypocrite, would we.

Septic1415d ago

Speaking of hypocrisy, we should spare a thought for PC gamers, who have had to contend with their games being dumbed down for YEARS not only graphically/performance wise but even in scope because of the limitations of consoles.

That is still the case today. If anyone truly has a right to moan about parity, its PC gamers in general.

GribbleGrunger1415d ago

I agree. I'm not quite as thoughtful as our friend above and ALL platforms should be pushed to their potential limits, including PC.

MysticStrummer1415d ago

@Septic - That's not exactly the same thing in my view. Every console generation there are a few different platform options to consider. Meanwhile on the PC side of things how many different possible hardware combinations are there being used for gaming during that same console generation? Besides that, what is the percentage of PC gamers who keep their hardware up to date with the latest tech? PC gamers will look at a multi plat game and say "It will look and play much better on PC", when reality says it will look and play better on relatively few PCs. Developers don't have much incentive to cater to that bleeding edge niche.

GribbleGrunger1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )


Yes, that's not a conversation I generally want to get involved with. A lot of PC owners like to blame consoles for games not meeting expectations but they seem to forget developers also have to cater for the lowest common denominator for PCs too. The one thing I could agree with in terms of consoles effecting PC games, is that PCs have always been a via business because of people 'having' to buy the latest graphics chips.

Now that consoles are far more popular, far fewer people upgrade their PCs and so far less developers feel it's necessary to cater for the few with the higher specs. That's not really the consoles fault, that's a flaw in the business model for PC gaming.

It's always been the same. It's just that it's coming into sharp focus now that PC gaming is not the main focus for developers. Conning people into having to upgrade (yet again) because of a game requiring better specs is an outdated business model and, for my mind, rightly so. I got out of PC gaming early on when I realised it was a racket.

Kribwalker1415d ago

I'm just curious where all this parity uproar was when the PS2 was the least powerful of the 3 consoles and the other systems were dumbed down to that level? I was a playstation 2 owner at that time, and I never saw everyone getting mad that Xbox and GameCube were getting dragged down to the ps2 level. With the minor differences between them now, if you want to complain that you are missing a little foliage ala GTA then sure, go ahead and boycott and complain, just know how stupid you sound doing it

gangsta_red1414d ago

There's a difference between being dumbed down and a dev not having the technical means to make his game.

The term "dumb down" should also be put into question. What game has been dumbed down due to the Xbox One? So far every multiplat game has the same modes, features, story, design, control and every other bell and what exactly is dumbed down?

It's this whole blindness of 50% more power but nothing to back it up with other than a higher resolution. I would hardly say dumbed down if that is the only advantage so far your powerful console has.

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starrman19851415d ago

This is a problem that we as "fans" have created through all the back and forth bickering this generation. It's created a HUGE amount of attention towards the resolution/fps issues - something we didn't really see a great deal last gen.

We still had the usual graphical bickering between SONY and Microsoft fans but it was nowhere near the scale it's hit this time around.

Graphical parity causes one problem and cleanses another at the same time, developers will feel strained between the choices. Personally I think it is a bad thing, you might as well use each machine to it's full potential (after all we as consumers picked our respective console for a reason) - however I also think we as a community need to stop the bickering and just let the devs got on with it, they'll then feel less pressure to deliver parity because they wont be as afraid to release one game at 900p and the other at 1080p.

XabiDaChosenOne1415d ago

The only way the bickering is a problem is if you go online and seek it. You don't have to look in to the comments section. You can read the news and go on your day. If you are crying about fanboys bickering than you have no one to blame but yourself for constantly feeding into it.

starrman19851415d ago

You may not frequent here much but for the majority of last year the top stories were resolution debates or bias stories. You couldn't check N4G without having these issues right in front of you.

I'm not crying about anything, but we are the reason it has gotten so out of hand. Obviously game sites report and re-post what we as the community say, which only furthers the issue!

XabiDaChosenOne1415d ago

If N4g was flooded with flame articles and one does not like such articles, why not give N4g a break?

marlinfan101415d ago


N4g has been loaded with resolution articles because half the people on here love them. They wouldn't keep writing the same articles over and over again if they didn't get loads of clicks and comments every time.

TheStrokes1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Parity should be standard maybe if you own the inferior console, but every single dev should be optimising the best they can to push each console as much as they are capable of.
I think the resolution debate will always be there whether people say they do or dont notice the difference... resolution, textures, frame-rate and everything else should be taken advantage of if they have the correct tools to do so.
This is partly the reason Ubisoft are coming under so much scrutiny - and rightly so!
Would you chose parity if your football team had the better side just to appease your opponents? We all already know the answer and the same should apply to gaming.

OrangePowerz1415d ago

Nope it shouldn't. Why should the games for one console be held back because the other console is weaker? Gameplay and content wise they should have parity (no timed exclusive DLC etc.), but in the graphics department the games should be optimized for each system. There was no parity last gen when devs had issues with the PS3, there was no parity in the generation before when the PS2 was the weaker hardware.

Keep in mind that Evolve was always promoted for X1, wouldn't look good for them if the other console version would look better. Not surprising that they will downplay parity and come up with a reason for why it should be there. If the roles would be reversed for the consoles and the X1 would be more powerful I doubt they would say the same.

Kornholic1415d ago

Spoken like a true Xbox fanboy.

Of course people want developers to push each individual console to their maximum potential. Settling for parity just to avoid some arguments sounds extremely childish.

SonyOnly41415d ago

No way it was fine for Xtots last Gen when we got the sloppy ports now the shoe is on the other foot you expect us to show you sympathy?

JMyers1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Parity is only the standard when it affects the lesser console... which happens to be the one you must own right?

When 360 games performed better last gen, I didn't see these console owners clamouring for parityEach hardwarde should be used to its fullest...regardless of who the publisher has a deal with.

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MrSwankSinatra1415d ago

Console Wars are full of morons. Back in the day when the rivalry between SNES and Genesis was high, even kids I knew then were more mature than the adults I encounter now.

tucky1415d ago

Even without parity people could not tell the difference between the 2 platforms.

Personaly, I think it's the first time the visual gap is so small between 2 competitors.

It was a lot more evident to tell the difference between ps3 and xbox360 games

Neo_Zeed1414d ago

lol... nice try. You couldn't be more wrong though. People can tell.

Last gen the systems were much closer in power but both very different beasts. The PS3 was a difficult one to learn and master but it still has the best visual showcase of last generation... Beyond Two Souls.

The gulf in power hasn't been this wide since generation 6 which had the Dreamcast and the original Xbox. Both current gen systems have been designed for ease of coding and came out at nearly the same time so it's easier to see the difference right out of the gate. Xbone is failing from the start except with lazy developers who choose not to use the full power of the PS4. DX12 wouldn't mean anything to console gamers except that it's the last hope for Xboners.

JMyers1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

People can tell the difference. When you play a game on PC and increase the resolution from 720 to 900 then to 1080, the difference can clearly be seen. Even on a small screen.

They are basically gimping the PS4 version as they have a marketing deal with MS. Just like Ubisoft and AC:U. This is just BS. Last gen the 360 wasn't gimped for parity with PS3. Why should the PS4 suffer this?

MS invented this whole "exclusive content", "content first", "timed and exclusive DLC"... this was done to make up for their lack of exclusives last gen. The whole marketing deal thing started with them. This however is just another level, as it's affecting actual games development and performance on another system.

TitanFall would have ran at 1080p on the PS4, and be the better version... just like Tomb Raider was.

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