Prince of Persia Prodigy rotating camera gameplay video writes:"Here's a rather crappy video of Prince of Perisa Prodigy. Now i know its not much but its something, just thought i'd share it with you. Don't be amazed or anything like that! Expect to see something at E3 though."

Not a very clear video but at least it is somet to look at.

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SullyDrake3663d ago

The Sands Of Time Trilogy was excellent all around. The story-telling of The Sands Of Time, the gameplay of Warrior Within, and the perfect mix of the two in The Two Thrones.

And I bet the PS3-version surprise is Trophy support.

Fishy Fingers3663d ago

I hope not, this isn't out for a while, I'm hoping by which time trophy support will have become the norm.

Dark General3663d ago

Looking forward to this. Also beneath all the blurriness it looks like the graphics doesn't look realistic which i like. More stylized. Hope the platforming is as good as it was in the previously trilogy.

Cusco3663d ago

Looks good. If they make the combat expandable like DMC with new moves and abilities, plus tones of reply value, and the platforming awesome like the original PoP, then I shall buy this. A good story would seal the deal though.

ia_studio3663d ago

not bad,not bad at all.
too bad it was a crappy video

peksi3663d ago

I have high expectations for the new PoP too. Real pro cam work you got there ;)