The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 12 most important questions answered

MWEB GameZone writes: "From over 700 questions, PlayStation Access selected the most important 12 to ask CD Projekt RED, Senior Gameplay Designer, Damien Monnier.

AAA developers can learn a thing or 12 from CDPR. Their concern and respect for gamers, their ethics regarding DLC, their uncompromising parity policy, to name a few.

Her's a summary of the 12 most important Witcher 3 questions.

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lord zaid1418d ago

I've never played the older Witcher games, but have decided to buy this one on principle. CD Projekt are just killing it with how they handle the public and I want to support that.

HanCilliers1418d ago

Exactly, this is one game that you can pr-order. CDPR deserves our money. Besides, the Witcher series is IMHO the best and most evolved RPG series, period.

aksmashh1418d ago

The guy thinks 20 hours gameplay is a dlc?????

Dont play single player games normally but listening to this guy and others talk about cd project, I'm going buy this game!!!

Wasted so much money on money grabbing Devs, Its good to show support for one who gives a F%#k

Bathyj1418d ago

Wow, was that all PS4 footage? That's seriously sexy.

I never got into Witcher II even though I bought it, but I'm thinking of giving this franchise another go. I feel I might be missing out on something great if I pass this one up.

HanCilliers1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Yip, all PS4 footage, looks amazing. You wont regret playing it :)

Palitera1418d ago

Which PS4 footage?

These are pieces of the PC footage revealed yesterday, aren't they?

HanCilliers1418d ago

@Palitera, no it's PS4 footage from the interview between PlayStation Access and CDPR. Why would they show PC footage, it's always PS4.

Palitera1418d ago

Because it is not up to Sony to decide if they will or not have PS4 footage to show. When companies release only PC footage, this is all Sony has to show.

I'm not a native english speaker, so I didn't understand the initial part, where he says something about having played the game on PS4. Does he say this is PS4 footage?

If that's the case, omfg...

TBH, I was worried about the performance of the game, since PC is their main plat, but then... Think about how we have played Red Dead Redemption... The low res and bad frame rate. Nothing stopped it from being easily one of the best games ever made.

HanCilliers1418d ago

You got me wondering if it was PS4 footage, so I found out. You were correct, it's not PS4 it's PC.


XabiDaChosenOne1418d ago

This game is one of the few worthy of a day one purchase.

HanCilliers1418d ago

I can't remember when I last thought those same words about an upcoming release.