How PSN can beat Xbox LIVE writes: "If you regularly browse any popular gaming site you'll have found it hard to avoid hype over the Firmware 2.4 update for the PlayStation 3. While every new update seems to generate unfathomable levels of interest over the smallest, most trivial new features, 2.40 actually appeared to be worth the excitement. I still firmly believe that Sony gets off extremely lightly with regard to its online service, rolling out additional features and gaining press coverage for services that its rival Microsoft has given Xbox 360 (and even Xbox) owners for months, if not years. Firmware 2.40 even caused a number of PS3s to cease working, yet the platform holder seemingly came out of the situation fairly unscathed. Those issues aside, PSN is finally becoming the service it should have been from day one, but how can it beat Xbox LIVE?"

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Salvadore3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Of course it can, but it ultimately comes down to Sony commitment.

Jack Meahoffer3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Besides real next generation voice chat I'd like to see PSN have faster downloads, automatic installation after downloads, elimination of third party logins like MGO and license agreements (YES I AGREE NOW STOP ASKING ME AFTER EVERYTHING).

Downloads and controller charging on standby would also be really nice.

Once these features, Home and the video store are released THEN we can can really compare the services. THEN it will be very cut and dry. Both systems have basically the same free features but you have to pay to play multiplayer on XBL. Thats when A LOT of people will question the $1 a week for XBL gold just to play multiplayer.

Adding trophies and cross game text massaging helped but PSN still has a way to go. I don't see why everyone is already so excited to be honest. Trophies have very very little support so far and text massaging is weak. I'm happy for the progress but until the PS3 has real voice chat it will always be behind XBL.

HighDefinition3544d ago


Keep doing what there doing. Right now they are advancing 100times "faster" than XBL.

Pornlord3544d ago

To me, they are already better. They included everything I missed from XBL with 2.4. I don't care about cross-game chatting, I care that games have trophies and custom soundtrack. That's all I asked for.

trydis3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Obviously not very easy, since they're still trailing.

you mean like Live has had since launch?

SL1M DADDY3544d ago

They are committed to a great online experience and to be honest, it all starts at my wallet. They’re free service is great and every option they have added since its inception has been nothing but icing on the cake… The FREE cake of online gaming.

How else can they beat Live? Simple, keep up the good work and do what they are already doing, offer a free online service and make it work.

Kudos for Sony and their FREE online service.

Pornlord3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Well, they might have had it, but PSN is free, I got ripped off for one year of XBL service. And now I'm with the superior service... It's like looking at buying a Jag, and someone telling you that they have one you can just have and they will do all repairs to make it just as good as the Jag you are looking at buying. That's what makes it better. My point was that it wasn't better TO ME before those elements were added. What's the difference now, except you pay and I'm don't? Very minute difference.

themyk3544d ago

yes just like that. and your point is?

harrisk9543544d ago

"Firmware 2.40 even caused a number of PS3s to cease working, yet the platform holder seemingly came out of the situation fairly unscathed."

The real question should be: How about the fact that in spite of a third or more of Xbox 360s experience RROD, MS has somehow managed to come out practically unscathed?

The number of PS3 firmware problems is, by all reports, isolated to very few systems. Sony actually took the firmware update offline at the first notice of any problems by a small number of people.... Sony is not going to mess around and put out a product that the potential to brick PS3s, no matter how small the likelihood, unlike some of its competitors.

Sayai jin3543d ago

HighDefinition-Any product or service has the propensity to surpass the other.

100 times faster than XBL? When a service has little to no features at all it is advancing really fast, but to compare the two (XBL and PSN) against each other as far as growth is odd. Becuase XBL has been around for 5 years (the new version 2 1/2 years) and now MS is trying to perfect there software by making tweaks. XBL is in no way perfect. PSN is a free service that launched with little to no features and honeslty did not add a lot of game changing additions until 2.4. Sony is adding huge features to make their product competible against it's rival and I like that. Once the PSN adds a few more features they will start to tweak it too.

Game on...

HighDefinition3543d ago

PSN has advanced more than XBL.

End of Story.

player9113543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

This is all under the assumption that Microsoft doesn't do anything. Live has the online edge hands down. Live is one of the major characteristics that make the 360 so great. Microsoft isn't going to sit there and let anyone walk right pass them.

And you know its easier to copy then to innovate. This is the only reason the PSN has advanced so quickly.

The sad thing is Sony doesn't have the ground work to have cross-compatible voice chatting and such. Sony leaves this up to the developer to implement which causes a huge mess. Each game has its own login and each vary in the type of support they give to the gamer. Some support voice chatting while others don't.

Live is a standard that all games must follow. PSN has no such thing. And to implement that now is next to impossible.

trydis3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

I have two 360's, a PS3 and a Wii, so i also use the PSN like you. Still i've always have and still feel that the PSN is a couple of steps behind Live. They're catching up, but i'm pretty sure MS has something going on, not releasing a spring update this year etc. I still feel that Live is worth $50 a year, which is like a rain drop in the ocean for most people. It might change in the future though, exciting times for gamers :)

MS took the time to implement those features from the beginning, just like Sony should have done. I think it's weird that people praise Sony because they finally implement features MS implemented years ago...

Sayai jin3543d ago

Thats because XBL had most of the features it has today and the PSN had very little at launch, so it was working from the ground up. XBL is not perfect, but did not need to work from the ground up, period...

Dark General3543d ago

They don't need to surpass XBL just be on par or close and deliver a good experience while keeping the online free.

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P4KY B3544d ago

Probably, if everything stays the same.

But we don't know what will happen next week at E3

Truplaya3544d ago


but they need to make a few things compulsory and not wait for the developers to implement them.

Make trophies and music support compulsory on all games.

chat and cross game invites would be nice too. They should even better XBL and give us chat for more than 2-people, thats all i want on XBL now.

decapitator3544d ago

When I saw your "YES IT CAN" opening. I couldn't help but think of Obama's "YES WE CAN" meme.

Sayai jin3543d ago

How? Which service(s) PSN nd/or XBL) do you have? Just curious.