N-ZONE indicates imminent announcement of a new LEGO game

Translated via Google Translate; In the latest edition of the N-ZONE there is an indication that a new LEGO game is about to notice. Looking forward to the next edition of the German magazine Nintendo promises a preview report to a yet secret LEGO game.

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Neonridr1182d ago

would love another Lego City Undercover game. First one on Wii U was awesome.

gerbwmu1182d ago

I agree. It was a great game and I really hope Nintendo is working with them now on some sort of sequel or new game in the same style.

LightDiego1181d ago

City Undercover it's the best Lego game ever, in my opinion, would love a sequel.

WeAreLegion1181d ago

Open world like LEGO City Undercover, please!

Also, I'd love to be able to build freely within that world.


ArtificiallyYours1181d ago

I'd love an open-world game inspired by the 3D designer program (Lego Digital Designer).

Complete with custom minifig graphics.

Skate-AK1181d ago

Would be cool if it is Lego Ghostbusters. They just released the Lego Set,

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