E3 08: What to Look For From Sony

E3 always held a special place in the hearts of video game enthusiasts. Game announcements, hardware unveils and much more are always in the back of your mind when watching each of the three press conferences, wondering what the companies have up their sleeves.

Yesterday, Console Monster looked at Microsoft. Today, they turn focus to Sony.

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HighDefinition3726d ago

Alot of the franschises people KNOW and LOVE will be making a appearance, GET HYPE.

kosha3726d ago

And hopefully new ips. Heavy rain im looking at you.

Lifendz3725d ago

Will be weird not having Phil there but oh well. Can't wait to see what Sony has coming down the pipes. God of War III for the win!

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3725d ago

Should be playable demos for starters! Maybe even FFXIII but, Heavy Rain, Infamous, WKC and without a doubt GOD OF WAR III (the real GOW)need to all be shown with release dates. Plus Sony's own PS3 PSeye integration with using your hands to navigate the xmb (minority report)and using the eye with some linear fps with movements like kneeling and peeking around corners while in cover. Then show us the games that'll be out in 3-4 years!!!

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Silogon3726d ago

So basically nothing we didn't already know about 2 and 3 years ago. Good on your Sony! At least Microsoft will be leading the pack with 3 major announcements and a ton of new games for 08 and 09.

Drekken3726d ago

bi-polar alert!!! BEEP BEEP BEEP

Jandre023726d ago

Of all three companies WONT be announcing any new games? Sony has plenty in store, and will own E3 just like last year. Haha wow. Are you a Sony fanboy in disguise making fun of Xbots? A lot of your comments are ridiculously funny.

Other than Gears, Halo, and multiplatform games, what has Microsoft EVER done that has been worthy of owning E3? They really only have 2(now 1) huge titles, while Sony has 6 or 7. You'll soon learn I guess.

iGrenade3726d ago

Please inform us of these "tons of new games". Please, for the sake of all of us, do not include Viva Pinata.

muddygamesite3726d ago

You guys should learn to ignore SILOGON because it seems he's STILL-YET-TO-LOGON into his brain :-)

-Maverick-3725d ago

Silicone dildo needs and craves attention. He has no life. He's a loser. Don't give it to him. Take his bubbles and ignore him and when Sony pwns E3...we'll make sure to rub the doo-doo in his face


Siligone = the Ultimate douche

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name3726d ago

Sony always owns at E3, except for that little 600 dollar PS3 thing. Other than that they're usually the top people to look for.

mesh13726d ago

im a ps3 owner and tbh i dont expect much i dont know why sonydoes not get great but if microsfot shows more games im buying a 360

thor3726d ago

little 600 dollar thing? I know it was blown out of proportion, but we had
Riiiiidge Racer!!!
Giant enemy crab! Attack its weak point for MASSIVE DAMAGE!!
Not forgetting...
Riiiiidge Racer!!

Pornlord3726d ago

You can look at it this way, PS3 is 400 now, so that's a big step, Especially if they continue to develop through firmware. It's getting better as it's getting older, not just the games. I think they will make a strong showing this year.

dhammalama3726d ago

You've been on my ignore list for a long time but I clicked today to see what you had to say. After reading your comment I wasn't sure if you were the same person so I checked your comment history.

mesh1 - 295 days 7 hours ago

"ff is a boring game tis funny how ppl that didnt like rpg now seeem to love the ff hahaha ppl are so eager for the ps3 to do well they claim every ssingle gaming coming on it is a masterpiece when ive yet to see 1 good game not gr8 but good ps3 in the fufutre will be a japanesee console as all their game makers seem to be jap companys the 360 is a world wide item now japan is asmall spec compared to the whole world 360 sell out more playes than the usa go search uk stores site and see ur reviews the ps3 is dieing."

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Old Snake3726d ago

Sony needs to be locking those exclusives up and making sure they stick with PS3, i.e. LA Noire, Final Fantasy, Etc..