Hyrule Warriors Surpasses 1 Million Units Shipped

Hardcore Gamer:Koei Temco Games has announced that Hyrule Warriors, the studio’s Zelda-inspired Musou game developed alongside Nintendo, has shipped over one million units worldwide.

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jayzablade933d ago

Shame it's not more because it has so much content it'll keep you busy for months!!

Concertoine933d ago

Wow, people thought they were crazy for predicting over a million.

randomass171933d ago

I guess what people said about Nintendo games selling over time was true. Congrats to Nintendo and Tecmo Koei. :)

Big_Game_Hunters933d ago

lets hope we see this article for Bayonetta soon.

FinalomegaS933d ago

great... can we get online co-op for christ sakes...

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