5 Solid Features Will Prove That GTA V PC Version is Better Than Consoles

Great Theft Auto V PC is propelled all around on correlation with comfort variant. GTA V on PC is a bit baffling for the fans however they would surely glad when they will think that it marvelous on this gadget. Further defer is an alternate reason of consternation yet it would be at long last accessible to you in March. Mod backing is an incredible peculiarity you will appreciate in this adaptation. We should perceive how it would shock you on PC.

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BabaSunny1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

gta is perfectly pc series so much enjoy to play with keyboard and mouse

vishmarx1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

google isnt picking it up.
5 bucks for whoever translates this.

that is all.

also the article is garbage.i didnt get a single point besides 60fps and draw distances

Hydrolex1148d ago

Keyboard and a mouse ??

I do not like driving game/parts using a keyboard. No pressure sensors and it feels weird. I'll use my PS4 controller for that

SolidStoner1148d ago

keyboard and mouse for games? :D lmao.. no thanks! its like in 1990's :D

tucky1148d ago

So much better playing with a pad :-)
Consoles win again !!!!!

deadfrag1148d ago

You can use a PAD on PC you know,connect your PC to your home theater setting if you have it,connect it to a hdtv!Grow up!

tucky1148d ago

No. Dont want to grow up

Problem with that man?

tucky1148d ago

More seriously ... Just wanted to provocate :-). And it works :-)

All GTA 5 versions are excellent and that kind of article is useless

Mehmeh1148d ago


So by your definitions a real grown up must have a controller pad connected to a pc, which is connected to a home theater setup (if one has it), which again is connected to a hdtv?

Will one also be grown up if the setup is controller pad -> pc -> sound bar -> 4ktv? or does that make one a child also

freshslicepizza1147d ago

the point is you ca use a controller and have a pc gaming set up that is also a home theatre set up if you wiah. that's the beauty of the pc, choices. those choices also allow you to play various sound formats and video codecs that consoles don't all support. it also allows free online gaming.

there are many things console gamers are ignorant towards the pc.

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hiredhelp1148d ago

Because the type of game ill be playing this on my 360 controlker.

deadfrag1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

I actually use my xbox 360 controller when playing a game that needs it on Pc even more than my Xbox one,one...get it.

ShottyGibs1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

Hows 30fps working out for the troll?

JamesBondage1147d ago

the same as 60 as far as my eyes can tell

quantumofmalice1148d ago

This is the greatest thing ive ever (attempted to) read

deadfrag1148d ago

Why are things like this even for discusion....the obvious!?Articles that dont make no sense!

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The story is too old to be commented.