Dying Light Now Available; Reviews Are Delayed

One Angry Gamer "You’ve been waiting for this game to launch for quite some time. The build up is palpable; the anticipation is tangible; the fleeting moments of panic and balmy hands are met with an exchange of currency and the feeling of cold plastic in your hands or the download bar to the digital copy saying “Complete”. The momentous occasion for launching a new brand is at hand, as Techland’s Dying Light is now available. Except… reviews are still missing in action."

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deadfrag1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

Let me guess why right !Im pretty sure that the publisher have the money in the bank already from those people that keep pre-ordering games without knowing what actually ends up in the package,developers and publishers love that kind of people.Theres no reason for delaying reviews or sending review copies to publications and reviwers if the developer have fate in the product.I will never pre-order or buy a game before reading whats actually in the package both in terms of gameplay and especially the technical aspect of the release.Not to many developers can be trust this days only a hand of them by my count!

LordMaim1179d ago

South Park Stick of Truth didn't have any reviews up until well into the day of release, and it was a strong contender for GOTY at a lot of sites.

Any time reviews aren't up prior to the day of release I take note, but I try not to be cynical about it anymore. Of course, I also don't buy the game until I hear for sure that it isn't terrible, so to each their own.

FullmetalRoyale1179d ago

I agree that it is wise to wait(I did not and I love it so far), and I also agree it is wise not to write it off because there are not early reviews.

I expect those to go away, eventually. It just isn't in their(publisher) best interest to allow opinions, for better or for worse.

Batman didn't have early reviews, and look at the legacy Rocksteady already has.

Stopher921179d ago

I've heard that the jump button is mapped to R1 or R2 :(
You can't use X. I understand that using the triggers for jump are better for parkour games, but at least give us the option to use X

Bathyj1179d ago

I think using x in a 1st person heavy platforming game to jump would be almost impossible. How are you going to look around making camera adjustments and jump at the same time?

I know games do it, but you probably don't spend us much time jumping in them as you will in this game. Yes, the option should be there too change it (I personally don't understand why ALL games don't have complete button mapping) but in this case I think it will work out better and we sometimes need to unlearn some of the gaming staples we have so ingrained in us. How else are we ever going to learn anything new?

vickers5001179d ago

Well for anyone interested, if you buy the season pass from gamestop, which is 20 bucks, they give you the code to the full game instead. Don't believe me?


Just a personal tip though, you might check the last page of the forum comments, see if people are still reporting it working by the time you see this comment.

Perjoss1179d ago

Hey guys, I'm selling my car does anyone want to buy it? you can see it and take it for a spin after you have paid for it.


FullmetalRoyale1179d ago

You'll let me drive it, and see if I like it? All I have to do is pay for it? No refunds? But I can try it after?

Hell yeah. Sign me up.

Mr Marvel1179d ago

Review copies coming in late to game sites... that has sloppy turd written all over it.

It doesn't bother me though, as I decided after the gaming disaster of 2014 that this year I won't buy a game at launch unless it's by Naughty Dog or Nintendo. Pretty much the only companies I still trust.

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