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"No one knows what happens after you slip from the mortal coil. Of course there are ideas from all over, with some beliefs suggesting you either go to paradise or to Hell depending on your actions in life. Others believe that you come back in a different form. In the universe of Grim Fandango if you’ve committed some sins you’re destined to work them off before moving on, unless you’ve been particularly bad. Of course if you’ve already played this you know all that, but for the uninitiated welcome to Grim Fandango Remastered.

First released in 1998 Grim Fandango tells the story of Manny Calavera, a dead guy who is trying to work off his time so he can move on. Pretty soon though everything changes, after Mercedes Colomar, aka Meche, walks through his office doors, and he finds that a major conspiracy is taking place. Soon Manny is on the search for answers, taking him to various corners of the Land Of The Dead. Along the way he’ll meet a varied cast a characters who will either help or hinder him."

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