Razer Atrox Arcade Stick Review: One Game Pony

MWEB GameZone writes: "Razer has release the Xbox One version of their Atrox arcade stick. It's a strong box but does it's functionality live up to that strong outer shell? We put it to the test."

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plut0nash1183d ago

Nice arcade stick. Just a pity about the driver updates.

XBLSkull1183d ago

more curious as to who buys these things to even make them consider manufacturing them.

plut0nash1183d ago

Lots of people looking to play arcade and fighting games, and these have legit components.

Like this:

HanCilliers1183d ago

If fighting games are your thing, and you can afford it, then GG

lord zaid1183d ago

But isn't Street Fighter V a PS4 exclusive? This stick could be a hard sell

plut0nash1183d ago

You can play on PC, just needs decent driver updates. The Mat Catz looks like a better deal.

Skate-AK1183d ago

I am sure there will be other fighting games on Xbone. Pretty sure the Blazblue developer expressed interest on bringing the series to Microsoft.

Mikefizzled1183d ago

Blazblue has always been on Xbox. The only one that wasn't was Chrono Phantasma beacause 360 discs only had 9gb storage. Chrono Phantasma Extend is inbound this year on Xbox One and I already have it preordered.

Guilty Gear Xrd however isn't coming to Xbox anytime soon. ;(

Sillicur1183d ago

Ohhhhh I want this for SV5!!! :)

SonZeRo1183d ago

Not a fan of fighting games and really wont be paying this price for a fancy gamepad.