Buy Dying Light Season Pass from Gamestop, Get the Full Game Free

Hardcore Gamer: Reports are coming in that, when buying the PS4 version of the Dying Light Season Pass on, buyers are also getting a little bonus, and that bonus is the full Dying Light game. Yup, the whole game.


It appears that Gamestop has taken down the page for the PS4 Season Pass. It is currently unavailable for purchase.

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vishmarx1179d ago

youll just be wasting 20$ considering this is dead island not on an island but a boring suburb
besides you still dont have the game.
they can always revert it and fool you into buying the season pass lol

Lilrizky1179d ago

well that's a very negative attitude

i'm playing it and while yes, it does carry elements from dying light (as did titanfall with cod, as did destiny with halo, as is bloodborne with dark souls), it is NOT a bording dead island.

u forgot the 2 main elements from the game that set it apart and make it A LOT more awesome.

that's day and night and the parkour

i'm playing it right now and it's way better than dead island

TFJWM1179d ago

It seems decent I've only spent a few mins on the PC version, got it free with my last Video card. I'd say its worth 20 esp if it comes with the season pass. I'd worry that Sony will revert these to just the season pass in the next day or 2 thou.

ifistbrowni1178d ago

Replying to you so it's near the top

It appears it's over with now. When you go to the site it says "oops, game over! our server was unable to process your request"

Sucks for the guys who sleep late on the East Coast and I'd imagine very few were able to take advantage on the West Coast.

ifistbrowni1179d ago

just worked from me. PS4, 8:18 AM East coast.

was going to pre-order digitally on ps4, lucky i didn't

Outsider-G1178d ago

Lucky. I tried around 8:30 AM Eastern and I couldn't even add the gift card as it kept saying not valid. I was pissed but I got a refund from Amazon, thankfully.

Hope you enjoy the game!

shloobmm31179d ago

I take it you havent played it.It feels and controls nothing like Dead Island and looks a hell of a lot better.

JsonHenry1178d ago

@Vishmarx Been playing the game all day. It has a lot in common with Dead Island. But its more serious, the gameplay is more intense, and even if it was just Dead Island without the Island that would be fine too. Dead Island is a blast to play, especially with friends.

Dying Light is a very fun (and good looking!!) game.

LostinthePANIC1178d ago

Here's the transcript I had with GameStop customer care:

"Ivor C.: Welcome to GameStop Customer Care! My name is Ivor C.. I am so sorry for the long wait time. I appreciate your patience. How may I help you?

Gregory H: Yes, I purchased the Dying Light Season Pass with My physical copy of the game at my gamestop and the season pass put a digital copy of the game on my ps4 instead of the season pass. I called the store like your website stated and they said they dont know what to do.

Ivor C.: you purchase this season pass on the store ? or online ?

Gregory H: in the store

Ivor C.: At this precise moment we have been confirmed that this issue that you experienced with your game is a known bug or error as there has been a lot of orders for the same item that are experiencing the same problem. The tech department is working diligently to have this situation solved as soon as possible,

What happened is that the manufacturer of the game had an error and unfortunately it ended mixing up the season pass and the normal game; Our main department is currently working on the issue and we have been instructed that sony will email you the code for the season pass to your email you will have to keep the extra copy of the game that you got

Gregory H: Ok, so just wait for Sony's email then?

Ivor C.: correct it could take 24 to 48 hours for the code to be mail to you

Gregory H: Okay, Thank you for your time."

Stopher921178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

So if you got the full game using the glitch, you get to permanently keep it? They're not going to eventually void my license for the download. Is that correct?

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JMaine5181179d ago

People over at Gaf confirmed that it worked for them. Seems like it worked for those who payed with PayPal.

JMaine5181179d ago

i tried it and got hit with a "Code unavailable until order review is complete. You will be notified via e-mail with further instructions." Hopefully they send me a code.

xfiles20991179d ago

I used my credit card and it worked still working as of 30 mins ago

Bobby Kotex1179d ago

$20 is more than i'm willing to spend on this game.

2pacalypsenow1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

is this game any good? worth 20$?

Is this glitch still working?

SpiralTear1179d ago

Reports are coming in that it is, in fact, still working. Though the consistency of the methods (Paypal, credit card, logged in to account, guest account) is sketchy.

To answer your question, though, yes.

2pacalypsenow1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

Im scared to buy the DLC and then it doesnt work and im stuck with DLC i wont use not sure

ZoyosJD1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

Worked with debit, but PP is still under review/processing.

It is downloading for me now.

vickers5001179d ago

It only works with ps4 version apparently (from one of the comments in the CAG forums). Doesn't work for Xbox One.

Lilrizky1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

it's a gr8 game

voice acting is B-grade

but u can parkour EVERYTHING! technically, the game is impressive


Loving it, much better than I thought I'd be.

Lilrizky1179d ago

Well i pre-ordered the physical version of the game as well, and EB Games just notified me saying i'll be getting the season pass for free.

so i guess it works both ways?