25 Video Games You Must Play Before You’re 25

Here are 25 video games that everyone – boy, girl, man, woman, dog, cat, alien, plant, mineral – should have played by the ripe old age of 25, starting with.

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PoSTedUP1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

perfect i turn 25 tomorrow... i feel like i am being followed o_o.

played 22/25 of this list. didnt play Halflife or the portals.

RosweeSon1392d ago

Half life is awesome so is number 2 well worth a butchers ;)

SolidStoner1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

If you are young, I recommend you to play many silly games, because after 25, you will not have time or interest in them, your knowledge will not let you to waste your time, instead you will browse the internet for months looking for that special someone (game)... not so fun! Better play them while its fun! (dont get fat, do sports also, eat healthy!) so you can play more games in the end! ;)

3-4-51391d ago

Gross...another Whatculture article with "their rules".

Rimeskeem1392d ago

I'm 17 and have played all of

urwifeminder1392d ago

25 hey wow 18 years ago for me played most of these over the years but battlestations owns them all for me.

Retroman1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

im 56 and gaming has changed over the years .
lack of fun games now days , to many fps online games and zombie games these days where did the fun go?? all future games will be fps shooters and zombie games only?? if so count me out, no need to buy ps4 or ps5 ps6 then .

Ultr1392d ago

There are still enough games out there that do not include the stuff you are talking about. I would even say. More than before

Rebel_Scum1392d ago

Man there's so many other types of games out there that aren't fps games.

DevilOgreFish1392d ago

Strange headline. In order to know the reason why these games were selected you would have to be at least 25. ....Packman.

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