Data Design Coming To Leipzig With Ninjabread Man 2 in Tow, Among Others; Hilarity Ensues

Exclusive Wii developer Data Design has revealed its hotly anticipated lineup for the upcoming year in a press release issued today. Some of the games, released under their Popcorn Arcade label, will be shown at this year's Leipzig.

Data Design announced twelve titles for the next year, conviently allowing a monthly release schedule. With a sigh of relief I found that they were making a sequel to everyone's favorite platformer hell (it's the new bullet hell) title, Ninjabread Man.

The other titles announced by Data Design are as follows:

• Urban Extreme
• Kidz Sports Mini Golf
• Battle Rage
• Pro-Golf sim
• Farmyard Party: Olympigs
• Desktop Mini-golf
• Kidz sports Baseball
• Kidz sports American Football
• Fab 5 Soccer
• Karaoke
• Personal trainer
• Ninjabread man II

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MK_Red3728d ago

Holy moly my most anticipated game ever is announced! Ninjabread Man 2 for GOTY confirmed. Fallout 3, StarCraft 2, MGS4 and GTA4 have no chance against this stunning and well game that looks better than Crysis 2 and has better gameplay / design than Half-Life 2.

floatingworld3728d ago

This has to be the happiest day of my life. Pure joy!

jedistev3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )


I wish, I work for Data Design, that would be great

Nintendo.. pay attention to data design's work !!

praised to be Data Design ( got struck by Lighting)

mepsipax3728d ago

just wow, all their titles are kidz, or extreme or some other trendy slogan, what a terrible, terrible company, I wonder how all the developers feel about their work.

floatingworld3728d ago

I think its probably the same way professional golfers feel about professional mini golfers.

Smacktard3728d ago

Beautifully put, floatingworld. Bubbles to you.

Data Design is trash. Their philosophy, and the money they make off of it pisses me off to no end.

ICUP3727d ago

MGS4 who? lol

this game is the sh!t

when this game drop, it shall move trucks load of system and win GOTY.

I am saving up all my pennies to buy this game on day 1. 8D