Grim Fandango Pre-order Issue

If you pre-ordered Grim Fandango Remastered for PlayStation 4 then you might have to re-load the game in order to play it. A post on PlayStation forum details the steps.

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lord zaid970d ago

So much for a launch error free 2015.

joab777970d ago

None of this worked for me. It's says play but says app not found.

When I go to library, you cannot delete it. It does not appear in my applications at all.

So I can't delete, can't re download and can't play.


Blackmangus969d ago

Here is the fix for that. 1. Go to Playstation Store using a laptop. (I tried using PS and mobile and it doesn't work.) 2. once you sign in highlight your name with the mouse so that a drop down box comes up. 3. in the drop down box select Download List. 4. once there you will see two downloads for Grim Fandango one for PS3/Vita and one for PS4. Select download to PS4 on the one for PS4 and you will get a notification on your PS4 that it's downloading. 5. Issue Resolved.

Lionalliance970d ago

I think its not big deal, is not that big in size isn't?

HanCilliers970d ago

Not big at all, article states that

Alucardx03970d ago

500MB? It's 4.48 GB for me.

plut0nash970d ago

Still small imo. Look at Halo MCC and Wolfenstein.

Alucardx03970d ago

It's small but the PSN servers seem super slow right now. I've got a blazing fast connection and I'm only pulling in about 1mbps. I had to uninstall and now I'm looking at a long wait. Oh well.

Fastandslow968d ago

ah sorry i was looking at the steam version ha ha

Vanfernal970d ago

I got the game to download by using the PS app on my phone and making it download on my PS4 from there. Hope this helps.

joab777970d ago (Edited 970d ago )

I just tried that. Hoping it helps. Might be too late though.


You are the man! It worked. I had already bought, so on my phone app I just added to queue, and when I turned it on, the app was there downloading. THANK YOU! Even Sony had no idea lol!

badseed91969d ago

Man, you rules xDDD.

Thanks to your post I could download the damn game xD.

Thanks a lot.

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