Why We’re Afraid Of Batman: Arkham Knight

Say what you will about games these days, but developers see a thing that works and stick to it. That’s why, when talking about the “Batman: Arkham” series, we are under scarecrows thumb, because we are scared out of our minds.

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ImAPotato1416d ago

No one wants the Joker back. And the game's success wasnt all beacuse of the Joker.

mezati991416d ago

I freaking want the joker back.

3-4-51415d ago

Grown Human is afraid of a game ?


SmielmaN1416d ago

I really want the Joker back :D

DrGonzo1416d ago

Game was good because of the Joker? While he was a good character in them, this is totally bogus. The games were good because they were good games, not because of a single character.

ZombieKiller1416d ago

"Why we are afraid of gaming journalism"

WeAreLegion1416d ago

The only concern I have about this game is the added writer, Martin Lancaster.

He wrote Crysis 1/2 and Killzone: Shadow Fall. He has an AWFUL track record.

jb2271415d ago

Yes, haven't heard many people point this out often enough. Everything else about the game is sounding great to me, but losing Paul Dini was a tremendous blow. I don't think people realize how important his writing was to this series, but Arkham Origins illustrates it. As the first entry sans Dini, it was just largely forgettable in my played decently enough, aside from the bugs & glitches, but it just wasn't nearly as memorable as Rocksteady's entries. Losing Dini is bad enough & already gives the game an uphill road, but adding that Lancaster dude is just mind boggling to me. The Crysis series was pretty but the story was pretty unanimously considered pointless. Haven't played thru all of KZ:SF yet but it at least seemed like a step in the right direction storywise following on from Crysis based off of the first couple sections. In any event there really are only a couple of people on the planet who know Batman as well as Dini, and even fewer w/ the amount of experience on the property that he's had. The story is the only thing legitimately worrying me about the game & I'm really hoping that Rocksteady's in house team will push Lancaster to at least making it serviceable.

WeAreLegion1415d ago

Oh, man. I didn't realize Dini had left. :/ That sucks.

Killzone: Shadow Fall might not be the worst story in the world, but compared to the stories of Killzone 2, 3, Liberation, and Mercenary, it's like a Tommy Wiseau movie.

cpayne931410d ago

That the writer of the first two games has been swtched out for that guy has to be the most discouraging thing I have heard about this game. Man.

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