Is the Xbox 360 Elite borked?

Leading console repair company responds to reports in today's tabloids that Microsoft's Xbox 360 Elite consoles are also experiencing major overheating problems with 'hundreds of users' reportedly getting the dreaded 'red ring of death'.

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thereapersson3697d ago

Though it's an Elite, it still carries the standard overheating problem that many other 360 systems out there have had to deal with.

Bathyj3697d ago

Its no different. But the thing is, when Elite came out we were told RRoD was over. XB fans told PS fans stories about RRoD should stop being posted because it was old news.

I personally think RRoD stories SHOULD be reported. Not to rub it in Xbox owners faces or to hold it over their heads and say nyah nyah get a PS3. Its not about that. When people stop talking about it everyone thinks its gone away but thats just not true. It should be reported as long as it keep happening so people know the problem still exists. If consumers are going to spent such large amounts of cash on consoles they have every right to know.

If you ask me M$ is lucky they dont have to a warning label on the box like cigarettes. I've never heard of any product before in history that had a 1/3rd failure rate and was allowed to continue selling to unaware people.

If the box said WARNING: If you and 2 friends buy an Xbox, one of them will fail, people might reconsider.

Lifendz3697d ago

That's how it's different. The Elite was supposed to be the one that worked. That's what all the extra money was for: a working console. Now this one is over heating? You can't make this stuff up. MS, I really hope you do something for all the people that have been inconvenienced by the RROD. IF these people support your next console then I don't know whether to pity them or laugh at them.

keapon3697d ago

At least, if it is indeed the RRoD that causes your 360 to fail: free repair for 3 years.

But they can't time travel and reverse their decision to rush to market. I imagine their past mistakes will continue to haunt their customers for some time to come, all because they thought it would make them #1. :(

SpaZaA3697d ago

How is that an "update", It gives no new information to the story. That article is written for the sole purpose of defending MS.

It has no value whatsoever unless you are an RROD'd 360 owner who needs consoling.

"Why is The Daily Mirror Victimising Xbox 360? "
Give me a friggen break. Nobody should have sympathy for Microsofts poor choices in the hardware manufacturing business. Yet the kiddies over at are trying to make MS out to be a victim. Hilarious.

morganfell3697d ago

Kimboslice, you are a little late to the party, :)

That story isn't defending MS by saying they are spending the money either. it is actually an indictment by saying THEY ARE HAVING TO SPEND MONEY THAT ROBBIE BACH SAID WOULD NOT BE NEEDED BECAUSE ELITES DO NOT BREAK.

That story isn't excusing MS, it actually makes them out to be liars. After all, if the Elite was RROD proof, the money wouldn't be needed.

JokesOnYou3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Its good to see that at least somebody is trying to add some balance to the news at n4g. After sony loyalists were overJOYed with the "source-less" Elite failure news, that update sure does have to put a damper on their party.

Geoff Croft, customer service manager at the UK's leading console repair service Micromart told TechRadar:

"We don't deal directly with the three red rings problem any more, although we would still have heard from our retail clients if it was becoming an issue with the Xbox 360 Elite.

"I can't really comment on that story in today's Daily Mirror. All I can say is that we have had very few Elites in for repair since they launched last year."

funny stuff


harrisk9543697d ago

"I've never heard of any product before in history that had a 1/3rd failure rate and was allowed to continue selling to unaware people."

You are correct. These types of problems ALWAYS lead to class actions. The only reason that MS was so quick to extend the warranty 3 years at a estimated cost of between $1 and 3 billion (depending on the report you read), is to avoid a major class action. This solution was probably arrived at through a two-fold analysis by the MS lawyers, accountants, insurers, PR deparment and number-crunchers. First, the cost of the warranty extension probably pales in comparison to the estimates of what a class action would have cost them. Plus, a class action would have completely opened the books to everything about the design and QC of the XBox, something MS would never want to happen. Second, the PR benefits of the extended warranty helped prevent a major public backlash over a consumer product that has probably had one of, if not the largest, failure rate in history. I am an attorney and have been involved in numerous class actions, so I really believe that this was reason for the warranty. Of course, once the warranty runs out later this year, the same potential of class action may arise.... of course, they are hoping that by the time a significant number of 360 owners can join any such class action, they may be out of luck due to statute of limitations problems, which would most likely be 4 or 5 years depending on the state.

Hoggy19833697d ago

1 Elite has apparently overheated.
Leading repair company states Elites are rarely repaired

Im losing all respect for the Sony fans who are all over this

morganfell3697d ago

All you have to do is Google the Elite and you will find they are breaking. Despite what people like Jokesonyou want to say about balance, blah blah blah blah, they are suffering the same issues.

JokesOnYou3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

post a few links that say there are alot of 360 Elites breaking, I googled "360 Elite failures", "360 Elite breaking" and all I saw was a vid showing 1 Elite breaking, it was the same exact vid posted on several sites, then there were forum posts with people asking if Elites were more reliable, I found NOTHING that demonstrated Elite consoles were anywhere near as unreliable as the old launch 360's just questions and speculation from *2007, so lets see your links, hopefully something current with supporting data= hundreds of current owners complaining on forums, polls, retailers feedback from consumers. Lets see it or are you the one just talking blah, blah, blah......


solar3697d ago

if this is to be true....then i would be really saddened. ive been hanging off on getting a 360 because of the RRoD problems. it's a great console with a huge install base and great games, and all of my mates have one. but i cant justify buying a faulty product, no matter who makes it or what it is. i was hoping the problem was in the past so i could jump in. guess ill be waiting longer.... :(

godofthunder103697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

i'll admit that some people are haveing problems with the elite but lets be fair.a large number of the people that are complaining about the elite isn't keeping it well ventated(not all),another thing that people shouldn't forget is that some ps3 fanboys are posting articles and acting like they had a elite and it broke on them,then they claim that they are going to buy the ps3 because it's more reliable.they did it with the 360 and they are doing it with the elite.

i'll admit that the ps3 is the most reliable console that was ever made.just like ps3 fanboys,360 fanboys act the same way.they will all lie to make the other system look bad and the one they have look better.

i know 3 people that bought an elite right when they came out and not one of them had any trouble yet.this is the first time i ever heard of people haveing problems with them.

ps3 fans need to admit the truth to.the elite isn't hardly haveing any problems compared to the first 360 and that's a fact.ps3 fans also need to admit that some of the people claiming that their elite broke are just ps3 fanboys lieing just to make the elite look bad and the ps3 look better just like they did with the first 360.

i've read a lot of articles of people complaining that they had to send their 360 to be fixed and ps3 fanboys talking about how the 360 sux because of the rrod.they all need to get off the 360 because every one knows that it has a lot of problems.this is for the elite not the first 360.the truth is that their isn't that many people that is haveing problems with their elite, so every one need to stop bring up the first 360 because it's's the same thing if i bring up the lawsuit against sony and the ps2 because of the defected harddrives because sony refused to fix them at first. but it makes no damn since,as a matter of fact it's stupid to bring it up because it's the ps3 that's out now.the same with the elite,it's a new 360 that microsoft made to try and fix all the problems that they had with the first 360,and they did a good job.the elite had some bad units that some people received but the defected rate dropped a hell of a lot compare to the first 360.

the truth is that 360 fanboys just need to admit the truth ,the first 360 had a lot of problems with them but microsoft fixed a lot of the problems with the elite.

ps3 fanboys need to stop talking trash about the 360 and the defect rate it had,people knows that it has a high defect rate.ps3 fanboys need to stop and think about the ps1 and was sued over the ps2 and it's defected hard drive.

we should all talk about the new systems not the old i said above,the ps3 is the most reliable console on the market and 360 fanboys should admit it because it's on the other hand had problems with the 360 when they released it,but microsoft released the elite and it took care of the majority of the problems.

ps3 fanboys need to admit the truth to.when microsoft released the elite it took care of the majority of the problems and the defect rate isn't even close to the old 360s and that's a fact.

i know that some americans hate microsoft(an american company) and like sony(a forign company)and i just can't understand why americans hope that a forign company beats an american company,i bet that their isn't one person from japan wish that an american company beat a company from Japan,hell they already said that they hate to buy forign products,especially american product.the truth is that microsoft is fine tuneing the xbox just like sony did with the ps.the next xbox will more dependable just like the ps3 will take microsoft time to make a system as reliable like the ps3 because it took sony a while to do it,but sony is still haveing problems with their other electronic products.

every one need to give credit where credit is due instead of saying stuff that's not true.the 360 and ps3 are both good systems and it depends on the one that you like that is better because some people don't like the 360 and some people don't like the ps3.h*ll i hate sony and i try to buy from an american company as much as i can.just because i hate sony i want lie and say that the ps3 sux and it's not a good system because it is and i want lie and act childish over a video game system.

all the fanboys from both side(not fans,they are fair)need to grow up and remember that sony and microsoft doesn't give a sh*t about them,all they want to do is sell systems and they will lie to do it,as a matter of fact they both did already

unbiased3697d ago

That there is a game system called PS3 that works perfectly under all conditions even warm rooms. I know it sounds too good to be true but darn it, I'm going to give it a try!

plenty a tool3697d ago

my elite has seen more than a few 14 hour sessions, and had a 12 hour mass effect marathon saturday! some are lucky, some aren't i guess.

morganfell3697d ago

It is your broken console, do your own homework. Damn you are lazy. You and MS are the ones sweating, not me.

GiantEnemyCrab3697d ago

The early Elites still used the same motherboard as the launch systems so they were still proned to RROD.

They've all since been replaced with the Falcon systems which do fix the problem to a great extent.

Why is this article even posted it's just a rehash of the same tabloid story that is currently the hottest story of N4G.

BattleAxe3696d ago

Its borked, chorked and gorked!

madmike3696d ago

bah bah bah bah get the flock out of here

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Marcello3697d ago

Why should an Elite be any different ?? its just a 360 sprayed black with a massively overpriced hard drive, so this story comes as no surprise.

-Maverick-3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Xbox 360 Elite is EXACTLY the same as all the other RROD-infested consoles. RROD wont be fixed until Microsft releases the new chipsizes and shrinks the 360...which they will do eventually. THERE IS NO "FALCON" in the Elite 3fixme's....yes Microsoft knowingly released another RROD console and continues to sale faulty hardware.

LOL Bots. The Elite is just as RROD-infested as the other 3fixme's and it still uses the same motor-boat sounding DVD-drive as the other 3fixme's.

I thouht there were "Falcons" out with "Jaspers" coming soon??

-Maverick-3697d ago

This is the perfect video to show how a growing majority of Xbox 360 fanboys feel about their Xbox 360. XD

....PS3 FTW just like this dude

PirateThom3697d ago

Ah, that explains all the 360 owners who are buying the PS3.

QueefyB3697d ago

hey guys i just youtubed dead xbox and my web browser crashed but i reopened it and this time i specified xbox 360 elite rrod and i got like 3 million results so heres a few i found;

hey guys i also found an interesting video i think its a hint for final fantasy 7 remake but i dont know okay heres the video

themyk3697d ago

i wonder how old this video is. he replaced it with a 20 gig.

all black 20 gig FTW.

Pain3697d ago

neither is Copy SONY every witch way.

thought is was a PURE Gaming Console...

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Shroomy3697d ago

It's quieter than my Halo 3 Edition console *which was a lot quieter than my first gen Premium* and it's also very cool. Doesn't really heat up until it's been on for AGES!

I don't know anyone who just gets RROD'd for no reason. Ventilate your damn console idiots.

SL1M DADDY3697d ago

Ventilate your console indeed but sorry, the 360 is prone to fail even with proper ventilation and low levels of dust. Even MS has admitted to their console being faulty.

OutLaw3697d ago

I ventilated my systems, never had any other equipment around them and made sure they never got dusty. But yet I still got RROD. This is my second system that this happened to. My first one was a day one purchase of a Premium and this one that I'm waiting for a return on is a Elite.

The problem isn't people not taking proper care of the 360. The problem is MS didn't do a good job in making them. So calling people an idiot because this didn't happen to you is being unfair.

bym051d3697d ago

You've bought 3 360s? Wow... that's sad. Were they broken or were you just looking to donate money to MS?

I love my 360, but a new version would have to do my laundry to convince me to "upgrade."

potenquatro3697d ago

I keep my 360 sideways in a well ventilated, dust free area with A/C, and it has RROD 3 times. If it only were that simple.

Shroomy3697d ago

Maybe it's the environment you live in, or your country's weather.

My 360 died when I had it in a cramped space, that was with it running most of the day downloading and my computer which can also output a hell of a lot of heat, a year and a half was pretty good like that.

My new one is much more spaced out, so much heat doesn't build up. You best get a fan and keep it going most of the day and open the window and door.

I know 360's will die eventually, I don't think everyone is an idiot when it just happens for no reason, just like all the PS2's that me and my friends had. Strangely my friends 360's aren't dying. Ventilating it will ensure it lives longer, wipe the dust around the air spaces every so often.

The Wood3697d ago

people get rrod in the UK too. There is no heat out here unless its one of the five days of summer.

season0073697d ago

hmm does anyone have the lanuch 360 still working with regular usage?

and btw not only console, we humans all die advance/modern cities people have average life of 76 or so, in some african places they have average life of 46 or so....well its due to AIDS, RROD in xbox360=AIDS in human...meh its not due to the environment, its something else

Infernus3697d ago

Surely the console itself should be well ventilated. Do you have to ventilate and dust-out your TV every week? Surely not! A console should do a better job than a TV at removing heat, the 360 doesn't appear to be able to do this without help.

plenty a tool3697d ago

my launch day premium is still going strong! and believe me, that console has had a hard tour of duty! more all day all weekend sessions(was living on my own then and had no girl limiting my play time!) than i can remember! infact, no console i've ever owned has seen as much action as that

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PirateThom3697d ago

Yes, because the flaw is due to internal design, so all 360's can potentially die, it's not limited to "launch" consoles and never has been, so are just worse off than others due to additional heatsinks in leater models, but they can still RRoD at a higher rate than any other electronic device.

zoydwheeler3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Are you trying to tell me that a leading Microsoft exec lied about the problem being 'fixed' with the Elite then?

keapon3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Pretty much zoyd. The actual board did not have any major improvements in heat reduction, or in chips. As I understand it, the "Zephyr" boards introduced HDMI output and that was pretty much it. IIRC the Elites _were_ among the first to ship with improved (or at least bigger ;)) heatsinks that should have improved RRoD, but it certainly didn't stop it, since the board itself was much the same as the original.

The successor board to the Zephyr, the Falcon, did do some actual improvement, most particularly in the CPU, which is now manufactured with a smaller "process" - can't tell you exactly what that means, but I do know that the results are a smaller size, less heat output, and less power use. :) However, Falcon boards were not exclusive to the Elite, and were introduced well after the Elite launched anyhow.

FPS nut3697d ago

New 360's don't die, I have one. I think everything you just said is BS and you have no way to prove it. You sir are a lier, and I will now ignore you.

PirateThom3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Yes, pretty much. No surprise, you're not going to say your new top end model is still as flawed as every other 360. He's a PR guy and, yes, he lied.

This is a 360 Elite.


This an original 360 Premium or Core.

Now, forgive me for those not being the best pictures, but it was to prove a point and show I'm not just making this up, the 360 suffers from an airflow issue that causes it to overheat, so Microsoft have stuck in a new heat sink and heat pipe, the problem with that is that it doesn't fix the airflow issue. The Elite is basically what Microsoft were already doing with refurbed consoles, sticking in a heat pipe and heat sink and we know they weren't RRoD-proof. The 360 needs a full internal redesign, not more crap shoved into it.

Basically, the Elite 360 is on the same level as the refurbed 360s, while not as bad as the launch and early 360s, by no means is is going to prevent RRoD.

keapon3697d ago

If you are addressing me, FPS nut, all I can do is laugh. The names and even some of the characteristics of the 360 boards are well known, as someone who actually reads the stories linked on this site should know.

The exact failure rates are certainly open to debate, but if you believe the 8bitjoystick insider, even the latest Falcon models aren't quite at an optimal point, although they certainly represent significant progress:

Bucky Sligo3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

The RROD comes from the GPU overheating. Msoft added heat pipes to bring DOWN heat on the GPU. How is that not helping? What it comes down to is that you have absolutely no idea what the fail rate of the Elite is (or any model) and everything you say is gathered from opinion and word of mouth.
The sony supporters are desperately clinging on to the RROD issue because it's one of their big "weapons" against the 360.

Here is an extract from the article (I assume you have read):
""I can't really comment on that story in today's Daily Mirror. All I can say is that we have had very few Elites in for repair since they launched last year," Croft added."
I think that pretty much indicates that the elite is much less prone to RROD, if not immune since we don't know what the elites was sent in for.

I would take the word of an "inside source" as law. Al that I know is if I get the RROD, I phone Msoft and get ref-no, go pick a new console out of stock. It takes about a day or two to sort out. This is out of personal experience.

PirateThom3697d ago

Where did I say it wasn't helping? I said it wasn't going to fix the airflow issue, not that it wasn't helping. The failure rate is lower, so it obvious does help.

Before getting all defensive, read what I wrote again:

"Basically, the Elite 360 is on the same level as the refurbed 360s, while not as bad as the launch and early 360s, by no means is is going to prevent RRoD."

The reason it's still a "weapon" is because it's still an issue.

Bucky Sligo3697d ago

Maybe you should read your own post again:
"you're not going to say your new top end model is still as flawed as every other 360"

Actualy, you don't know if it's still an issue. Do you have any credible sources saying it's still an issue? This article actualy states that the elites isn't an issue anymore and is much less prone.

Black_Jack3697d ago

i could put in to google image search, 360 elite RRoD and find picture after picture of RRoD'd boxes. That to me is an issue. It's an issue for the owners of those consoles and an issue for microsoft. It's your blind passive attitude that let microsoft get away with this blunder in the first place.

i will agree with you that the elite is an improvement but the manager of the refurb centre said "if not immune", well! if one RRoD's they can all RRoD IMO

The Lazy One3697d ago

Where does he say the elite's "fix" the problem?

He says the design got better with them, and it did.

"We know we have a much better design in the market now. We verified that."

The elite's as well as any new xbox 360's failure rate is much better than the original launch console. The new board that's going to be released later this year is going to improve on that again.

No console is completely error proof. We already know launch console's have a problem, and we already know it cost a butt ton. We already know that each new iteration of the 360 is taking steps to overcome that.

Can we please stop posting stories about it until there is something new(new>>>news... see how that works?) to hear about?

Bucky Sligo3696d ago

"well! if one RRoD's they can all RRoD IMO"
So then if one PS3 fails then all of them can fail?

You all can rant as you like on the RROD, the bottom line is you don't have any facts or reliable references to back up your claims.

"It's your blind passive attitude that let microsoft get away with this blunder in the first place."
How is puting away 1 billion dollar "getting away with it"? Msoft owned up to the issue. The give away free xboxes to RROD victims. What more can they do?

Black_Jack3696d ago

reliable sources of what? what are you talking about. are you trying to say that theres no evidence that the elite can RRoD. you are truely delusional if thats what you think. what planet are you on. elites can RRoD but the chances of that happening isn't as high with it.

of course with my statement "if one RRods they can all RRod" can be said for the ps3, orany hardware product. if a piece of mass produced hardware fails, its possible that any of the other units could potentially be a failiure too, whether that be to poor design (xbox360) or simple one off manufcaturing mishaps.

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timmyrulz3697d ago

Here you go trolls have all the space to spread your fanboy bullsh1t you need .....