Dying Light 25% Off Hours Before Release

"The wait is almost over for Techland's latest zombie + parkour rompfest. On Tuesday January 26th Dying Light will make its debut on the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 (at least, for those in North America). For those PC gamers looking to get a good deal, several digital retailers have discounts available - some as high as 25% off."

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Esler1417d ago

If only console digital releases were reasonably priced in the first place. I doubt with the reductions that it will be cheaper than retailers on the street. It sucks to be in the EU this week.

fattyuk1417d ago

The market for console games on disc is alot different to pc so that's why digital is high because of the main retailers/shops/contracts

Hell I haven't got a disc drive in my pc!

BluEx6101417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Yeah consoles are slow on the digital sales, but I'm starting to notice them getting better. There were some decent sales on both PSN and XBL this year. Also you can usually buy bundle voucher codes for cheap on ebay. Got TLOU for $18, Sunset overdrive for $25, Forza Horizon 2 for $23, Far Cry 4/Destiny/NBA 2K15 for $27 from the 4 games pick 1 for PS4. There's a pretty good EA sale on Xbox Live right now. Battlefield 4 $13 NFL Rivals $15, Titan fall $10, Dragon age inquisition for $36. Shop on cheapassgamers and slickdeals to help you find deals. Hoped that helps =)

Codewow1417d ago

I don't have one either. I opted out to save a little money on my build. If I really want it I'll swap my old PC's disc drive in to it, so far no need!

Testfire1416d ago

Yup really no need for disc drives these days. New PCs many times don't include them either. My local electronics store usually has sales on OEM disc drives for $15 if I ever decide I want one. But drivers for just about any device can be had online and I don't watch movies on disc anymore so...

UKmilitia1416d ago

this week and next 3 weeks.

although i have ogt a torrent version to mess with and see if i like it and im debating on what i should do with my ps4 preorder.

should i keep it or cancel and get digital because its awesome fun.

dreamed1417d ago

Gameshare plus usa store = digital ftw!! work out at £35 instead of £55,plus you get 2x licence.