The Top 20 Most Memorable Boss Battles

Power Up Gaming writes: "A boss fight is like making love: nervous, tense and just as you find your rhythm, over. And just like making love, some boss fights stay clear in our memories, while others blur into happy (or not so happy) recollection. Here at Power Up Gaming, we've decided to home in on some boss fights that have stuck with us over the years, for better or worse."

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mrjam0998d ago

"Enter Uruk name here" from Shadow of Mordor

bouzebbal997d ago

that's a great list.
The End

You even included the hilarious Electrocutioner fight. well done!

Esler998d ago

Don't know if I fully agree, especially when many games have repeated bosses but Psycho Mantis is most definitely a great shout.

nucky64997d ago

agreed - and "the end" from MGS:snake eater

CaspuR998d ago

every metal gear solid boss battle (1,2,3,4).
avatar nyx from persona 3 - possibly the bestsoundstrack for a boss ever.
Final fantasy 7 sephiroth - possibly the second best boss soundtrack ever.
Neo cortex from crash 2.
Bowser from super mario 64.
zues god of war 3.

Spotie997d ago

Nyx was a beast. Hated her with a passion. But Death and Elizabeth were even worse.

MrChow666998d ago

now thats a well done list type article, for once

InMyOpinion997d ago

Would have added bosses from Binary Domain (criminally underrated game) and Vanquish on my list.

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