"Incorrectly classified" PS4 copies of Saints Row IV: Re-Elected under product recall in Australia

Stevivor -- "Deep Silver has just issued a statement in regards to Saints Row IV: Re-Elected on PS4 in Australia."

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Grap1389d ago

yes someone will return the uncensored copy for the censored one. great logic..

Ares84HU1389d ago

If they are already sold, good luck with that. If I had a copy there is no way I would sent it back just because I got a version that wasn't censored. Let me choose what I want to see not the government.

I hope they got the uncensored version there and not a single person will return it.

Bathyj1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Gee, the uncensored version was purchased by Australians, and nobody died.

There, you see now how worthless your role is classification board? Youre nanny stating a country that doesnt need it.

I havent bought this game yet but I have half a mind to rush down to JBHiFi and see if I can grab it before they get the heads up.

tack1291389d ago

I still like to joke that Australia Censorship board can't handle people smoking out of a lightbulb.
I still think it is the most ridiculous thing to ban a game over, if you played that particular section you will know what I mean.