If New UFC Game Sucks, Quinton Jackson Will Kill A Developer

THQ and Yuke's, most famous for their wrestling game collaborations, are bringing the fight to your house with UFC 2009 Undisputed. The game will be on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and some of the UFC's greatest got their hands on the game at a recent press junket.

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson told reporters he wants to "praise God" for being in a game. Apparently he's not kidding, as his trainer said Jackson is gaming whenever he isn't training. He blew quickly through Grand Theft Auto IV with a pretty high completion rating from what we hear. Jackson said a college roommate estimates the UFC star spent 14 hours a day gaming.

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InMyOpinion3662d ago

If he comes at you just leg kick him. He doesn't know how to block those lol!

Drekken3662d ago

well he also said if he loses to Forrest he would retire.... AND I heard him bet his pot too. This guy has a big talk, but he fails at so many levels!

KimboSlice3662d ago

OFF TOPIC: I just want to say that rampage was robbed bigtime. That fight was draw. I did'nt see it live but I saw it on youtube and they tell me that Joe Rogan's commentary during the fight was very biased and did'nt reflect what was really happening, so that's why most people really think that rampage lost.

Just because you lay on top of a guy for a full round doesnt mean that you should win a fight. The judges even gave the first round to forrest even when he got knocked down by a punch from rampage.

I like Forrest because he's humbble and doesnt smack talk or showboat like rampage but that fight was a draw IMO.

/end rant

Drekken3662d ago

The fight was definitely NOT an unanimous win for Forrest. I thought Rampage got the heavier shots, but unfortunately you can win a fight by laying on top of someone for one round. Rampage just laid there like a drunk girl. The judges in Forrest's home town was biased, but Rampage should of known that and fought harder!

dude_uk3662d ago

i LOL'ed when i read the title

SIX3662d ago

The score card was rediculous. However with that said, I still think Forest won by a small margin just for being more agressive and pushing the fight. Rampage defeated himself by not coming into the fight in shape. He had no bounce in his steps like in previous fights. Good on Forest. The guy trains hard. I can't see how he will be able to hang on to the belt for very long, but good for him for getting the belt in the first place.

supahbad3662d ago

i totally wwanted Rampage to win, that guy was funny on the show, and he seemed like a cooler dude. I so LOLed when that idiot whatshisname got kicked off after he lost

jmiscavish3662d ago

The fight was definitely NOT a draw. The scorecards were a little screwy. I figured one of the judged would give it to Ramapage, but Griffin still won. This isn't boxing. They award points based on aggressiveness and control, which forest definitely had during most of the fight.

strotee3662d ago

1 rule of UFC:

1. Effective striking

The kicks to Rampage's knees were more 'effective' than the punches landed on Forest's face, hence, Forest exhibited more 'effective' striking. This isn't boxing, a successful leg kick is just as effective in terms of points on a judge's scorecard as is a punch to the face.

From round 2 on, those leg kicks nullified any forward attacks by Rampage. It seemed the only time he ever hit Forest was when Forest chose to go up in his face.

Bottom line: Rampage looked .. hmm how would I describe it, flat or rusty. The 9 months between fights definitely showed. Odd, Forest had a long delay too but that didn't seem to bother him. I think Rampage underestimated him.

Dino3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

and leave the mma jargon to people who know what they are talking about. to the guy above though. I wish I could give an agree and disagree. Even though forrest looked a wee bit better. Having the belt usually goes in your favor during a fight where the other opponent didn't finish the champ. Forrest didnt do enough to warrent a belt and his reaction after that win shows it. But a great fight none the less


Firstly, Rampage had it coming; he's a showoff and a smacktalker.

Secondly, he knew Forrest was a tough SOB, he does NOT go down easy. Forrest dominated him on the ground.

And lastly, he's gonna be limping on that leg for WEEKS after that beating. He didn't do anything but land a couple of knocks on Forrest.

The scores were accurate enough.



SpaZaA3661d ago

...KimboSlice? really?
yeah, leave the MMA talk to people who understand the game, not people who worship 1 sided youtube celebs.

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Forbidden_Darkness3662d ago

ohh god, im so glad im not one of those developers. when does this game come out anyways? i wanna know when i can read the news "Quinton kills a UFC developer".

Pornlord3662d ago

The problem with a Big guy like Jackson, killing a developer is that I hope he plans on using a gun... Because I'm sure the developer will :)

Ps3Fanboy7773662d ago

As far as him losing, thats a really tough call and you flat out cant say Forrest whooped him. It was a tie.

As far as his comment hes joking around; get real.

deno3661d ago

Put rampage against fedor emelinko, he would get crushed. Fedor best heavyweight to have ever walked in mma and still undefeated. game looks good!!

godcrusher3661d ago

I hope this game is good because the other MMA style games got old real fast.