PS3 Dualshock controller launches but is it worth the cash

Rumble is subtly effective, especially on racing games, and is one of those features that you tend to miss when not there. So today's release has got to be good news for PS3 owners right?

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InMyOpinion3664d ago

Is COD 4 the only game that does not support rumble, or are there more?

Sez 3664d ago

you know thats a very good question. or how many dev's will go back a patch existing games to use the controller.

dude_uk3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

from what i can remember...

uncharted, motorstorm, MGS4, COD4, i think GTAIV and Resistance too..
but there are a lot more since devs have released patches to their games

Edit: btw... HELL YEA its worth planning on buying a DS3 soon... because to tell the truth to play games without rumble is pretty dull... I've been playing games since the PS1 with rumble and it really adds to the experience.

Ben10543664d ago

lots of past games support dualshock,

solidt123664d ago

I had mine since march and if you play Gran Turismo it is a must have.

Rama262853664d ago

Uncharted, MGS4 and Resistance have rumble support. I'm pretty positive GTAIV does, but can't comment on Motorstorm :)

The only game I can think of that's worth mentioning that doesn't have rumble is COD4. I can't remember playing any other game that doesn't support it.

dude_uk3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )


theres a bundle @ GAME which is a DS3 + GT5p for £50 which is a pretty good deal

yea i read that those games have it.. although i was sure that MGS4 had it because of the psycho mantis easter egg...but i already knew it before the game came out since kojima said he could add rumble in the game
but i though COD4 would have rumble... that sucks...

anyway + bubbles 4 u

what the hell man... care to tell me why you disagreed??

Ghoul3664d ago

cod 4 is the only major game not supporting the d3

every other retail game does and most of the psn games too.

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jkoz3664d ago

What a stupid question, of course it's worth it.

Sayai jin3664d ago

Agreed, but it is something they should have had at launch. Also it really sucked that the EU was the last to get the contorller, especially since they are the largest proponent for the PS3 outside it's originating country.

dro3664d ago

yes it is, i have been waiting for that controler since and it is finally in europe, why sony gave it to us so late is still a mystry but the still grought it to be picking 2 up when i get my cash.

PJF_Josh3664d ago

resistance became a whole new game. i had already finished it then went back with my dualshock (play-asia import last winter) and it was such a different experience.

going forward all games will support it and quite a few already released have been patched. buy it as a second controller or (like i did) sell your original controller(s) and buy a dualshock or two to replace them.

SilPho3664d ago

Strange, there's someone in the comments section there complaining about the R2 spring breaking on his imported DS3, the same thing has happened to one of my imported controllers. Dodgy controller batch?

Rama262853664d ago

My R2 spring broke too, on an important controller... how strange.

I was able to sort it out though :) I just bought a new DS3 from Game and then exchanged it the next day with my imported model.

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