Adult Anime Drawings Forged in Halo 3

Kotaku :We've previously seen how Halo 3's Forge can be used as a canvas by the artistically included. And while the above image is certainly not the first "erotic" images made with Forge level editor by a damn sight. (Hey, give the plebs the ability to create, and you betcha, they'll whip up naughty bits!) But these are the first MAXIMUM RISKY Japanese anime-style ones we've seen - then again, we haven't exactly been looking. They, of course, were made by lining up weapons.

(Warning, maybe NSFW)

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name3668d ago

Yet again, kotaku and their hentai

user8586213668d ago

hey man!!! think bout them 5yr olds that still play halo lmao!!!

joten3667d ago

@ 1.1

I'm sorry but there is no way I am eating my 360.

Fishy Fingers3668d ago


The images were created using "Forge", the level creater you get with Halo 3.

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