Videogamer reviews Space Invaders Extreme DS (8/10)

Tom Orry reports:

''I imagine the majority of people reading this won't have played Space Invaders or one of its million clones that appeared on various 8-Bit machines like the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum. The simple act of moving a cannon across the bottom of the screen, shooting evil alien space ships as they slowly made their way to you was at one stage the pinnacle of gaming entertainment. These days we quite rightly expect a lot more, so where does that leave Space Invaders Extreme on the DS and PSP?

Thankfully Extreme isn't just the classic game given a snazzy makeover. The core gameplay remains as it was (cannon moving sideways across the bottom of the screen, shooting down alien space ships), there's still a huge emphasis on high-score building and it soon becomes harder than it looks - dodging enemy fire takes concentration. Changes come from the arsenal of weapons at your disposal and the various different enemies and formations.''

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