The Most Important Game of 2014 That You Didn't Play

Gods Will Be Watching is the most important game of 2014 that you didn't play, and that people involved in the GamerGate conflict could learn a lot from due to its theme of the most morally-sound solution being the hardest to execute.

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Jackhass1415d ago

I actually did play it! And yeah, it was really interesting stuff.

LaWiiG1415d ago

I just like the fact that pixel art has made a return in the last 5-7 years. People either gravitate or steer clear.

What brought you in?

Godmars2901415d ago

More like the game I never heard of.

Though on a similar note - I AM F**KING DONE WITH BEING TOLD WHAT I "SHOULD" PLAY. That a game is freakin important.

ITS A G-A-M-E. It can have a social commentary theme or narrative that beats you over the head but at the end of the day its only a game. Something that's suppose to be trivial entertainment.

LaWiiG1415d ago

To each their own, but to shrug it off as nothing is completely wrong. That's like saying a movie or book isn't supposed to raise an opinion or tell someone's story, but instead supposed to be just a bunch of words on paper or visuals to look at.

Godmars2901415d ago

I'm shrugging off something, like a book or movie, which wont hold any great interest to me. And what sounds like a point-n-click which boils down to torture porn or a moral survey that's going to make me feel ill whatever choice I make interest me as much as Saw and Fifty Shades of Grey.

Likewise making the mistake of glancing over a two to three page essay about how such a game will only offer a rewarding experience rather than four or five paragraphed review.

RG_Dubz1415d ago

Way to name off one of the least important games to release last year..

coolbeans1415d ago

Which games did you find to be the most important games last year?

(Note: not trying to be demeaning or anything. Just genuinely curious since I haven't gotten around to playing this and a lot of other 2014 games that I could look at towards the future)