Bungie Could Rally Destiny With These 5 Simple Improvements

Do you play Destiny? Check out these 5 simple improvements!

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CloudRap1366d ago

1. Raid/nightfall matchmaking
2. No more currencies!
3. Dont gimp our stuff when HOW releases
4. Get rid of commendations
5. Give us a map when we pull out our ghost

Doja1366d ago

No matchmaking in the raid or nightfall. I don't want to be paired up with inexperienced players or afk players reaping the rewards of my work. Using a lfg site is not that hard.

kayoss1366d ago

I'm actually one of these players. My character is so weak, I rely on my team members to help me through missions and strikes. However I try my best to contribute. I will go out of my way to revive my teammates and try to take out the weaker enemies. There is only so much my low class rifle can do.

TheTimeDoctor1366d ago

I hate that argument against matchmaking. You could still have your fireteam if matchmaking exists. Nothing would change for those who like the current system

BlackWolf121366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )


That's not the argument. I personally enjoy playing Nightfalls solo. The added difficulty is satisfying. If I was forced to play with 2 other people then that would ruin it completely for me.

Matchmaking needs to be a choice, not a forced mechanic. That's not possible right now with the way matchmaking works in Destiny.

TheTimeDoctor1364d ago

You're right blackwolf. I hadnt taken that into consideration. Matchmaking should be optional.

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Tex1171366d ago

Eww, no raid/matchmaking in a traditional sense. That said, an In game board and quick messaging system where you can pick and choose who you raid with would be a cool feature. Essentially destinylfg but in the game.

Agree with no more currencies. Way too much.

Well, gear becoming obsolute when new content is released is nothing new for MMOish type games. Besides, many of the raid weapons from VoG do just fine in CE...even through hard mode. (IE. Fatebringer).

Meh, Comendations are a little silly. I don't see the point other that to really slow down players.

Map would be nice, but I don't see how it would really be necessary.

paul-p19881366d ago

I could not agree more with Point no.1.
I understand that Bungie want you to join a clan or play with friends to beat the Raid/Nightfalls, but what if (just like me) all your friends and clan mates stopped playing ages ago because they got fed up with grinding everything, leaving you to be the only person left still playing it in your whole friends list (I have just under 80 friends as well)

I've tried to join a couple of other clans to see if that would help but I have not got a single response to those messages, so i'm stuck trying to solo everything...

kbozz711365d ago

I still think there should be a "war" room in the tower. That way everyone looking to raid/strike could meet up and message each other accordingly.

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theFAYEsorceress1366d ago

matchmaking, ffs. you're really f***ing up, bungie.

Doja1366d ago

Let me clarify. If matchmaking is optional for raid/nightfall, then I'm all for it. If it's mandatory then I want no part of it for the reasons I posted above.

TheOnlyMastrx1366d ago

Honestly I wouldn't mind matchmaking for Raids/Nightfall, and higher glimmer cap. More Vault space would be fine but isn't really needed.

JeffGUNZ1365d ago

Really, isn't needed? I have almost all exotics and a lot of good weapons. My vault is almost at capacity. The need to make it larger. I can't believe they didn't anticipate this lol.

Rimeskeem1366d ago

A better story and more rewarding loot system would be fanstastic

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