Game Over reviews Race Driver Grid

Jeremy Peeples reports:

''For years, the Race Driver series has been revered for its robust amount of racing types that allow players to experience the thrills of many different racing disciplines and for its exceptional quality given the vast quantity of racing styles replicated within in. Back with an all-new gameplay rewind system that allows you to playback a mistake and correct it, a revamped version of DiRT's game engine, and a slightly more dazzling version of that game's slick interface, the series makes its current gen debut with a well-crafted game that continues the trend set by its predecessors by delivering a lot of thrilling action across many racing disciplines. Unfortunately, it also suffers from some minor flaws and antiquated features that hurt the game, but not enough to make me not recommend it as a purchase for even casual racing fans.

Given that Grid replicates over a dozen racing styles, and a variety of different disciplines within those disciplines (the drifting style alone has four of them), it has a bit of a learning curve to it. Fortunately, it's a steady one that really allows the player to ease into things at their own pace. You're given the option of using driving assists that make turning and braking easier, and you can adjust the difficulty before every race, so if you find yourself struggling with a certain discipline.''

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