6.6 Million Xbox One & Xbox 360 Shipped in Latest Fiscal Quarter; Microsoft Announces Strong Results

At the closure of the stock market Microsoft just announced its financial result for the second quarter of fiscal year 2015, ended on December 31st.

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Foehammer1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

Congrats MS

$26,000,000,000 in revenue

Gross margin for the Computer and Gaming Hardware Division is way up for the 6 months ending December 31st:

2013...616 million

2014...939 million

Computer and gaming Hardware division revenue, 6 months ending December 31st

2013...5.879 billion

2014...6.450 billion

Commercial CLOUD revenue up 114%

Well done

Kayant1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

*20% decline


"20% decline in revenue for Xbox, not the business as a whole."

What does it look like I was referring to something else? Gaming news means about Xbox divison. 20% clearly refers to Xbox platform from the article.

aviator1891336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

20% decline in revenue for Xbox, not the business as a whole.

edit: @kayant were replying to foehammer's comment, where foehammer said that ms made a revenue of $26 billion. And then you replied with "20% decline."

Keeping that in context with foehammer's comments, I'd figure you were keeping your comment within context of foehammer's comments. Otherwise, you'd have specifically mentioned "20% decline in revenue for Xbox."

IrishSt0ner1335d ago

Talk about subjective bias. "Revenue decreased 20% for the Xbox platform as a whole compared to the same quarter last year (which was the quarter in which Xbox One launched)."

Leaving that last line out shows how disingenuous you are. So transparent.

ImAPotato1336d ago

Why are people disagreeing with you? idk, but anyways Congrat's Microsoft! They only sacrificed a 20% decrease in revenue but greatly grown their fan base, and improved their status in the gaming market.

Svinya1336d ago

Not to mention made headline news with their sales. Good publicity.

Magicite1336d ago Show
christocolus1336d ago


As a big MS fan its really good to see them growing year afer year.I was going through the CEOs letter to his staff after he took over and months after we can all see the impact he has made. Sadiya is going well. The house that Bill built was made to last and it shows. MS has kept on growing and keepin its shareholders happy. They have strived to remain relevant all through these years despite stiff competion from other tech giants and with sadiya Nadella at the helm of things i see an even brighter future for them. Great financials. The future of looks bright for MS.

lemoncake1336d ago

Glad to see the surface pro doing well, this new version is really great and with windows 10 and xbox streaming coming this year things are only going to get better for it.

PeaSFor1336d ago ShowReplies(3)
Fishermenofwar1335d ago

Even though you're a troll...Still love your user ID

The Foehammer!!!!!(hides in corner)

XB1_PS41335d ago

Agreeing and disagreeing should be taken off of this site. It's useless, and annoying. It just shows how many little kids are on here voting for their favorite system.

This is great for MS. They've been impressing me as of late.

Automatic791335d ago

Congratulations to Microsoft and Xbox for another strong quarter.

ion531335d ago

You're telling me MS made 26 TRILLION dollars.... Urm. That's more than the US national debt

WilDRangeRfc1335d ago

114 salty Sony fans sad really I want both to do well make money and keep delivering great games and experiences,some people are so jealous and bitter,love my X1 and PS4 keep mmmm coming Sony/MS
#fanboysneedtofindanotherhobb y

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TheLyonKing1336d ago

I wish MS would stop doing joint numbers because one or another isn't doing too hot. I would rather know indivdual numbers and also I would like know know sold through to consumers but then again thats just me.

Abriael1336d ago

The Xbox 360 isn't doing too hot, according to the slides.

BitbyDeath1336d ago

They had shipped 7.4 million same quarter last year though.

So neither are really doing that great.

Abriael1336d ago

@BitbyDeath: no shit, last quarter was the Xbox One launch quarter. Of course they shipped more.

BitbyDeath1336d ago

Language their mate.
Xbox One arrived in late November last year, the quarter begins 1st of October.

Don't you think the extra almost 2 months on market should hold greater impact than launch? Especially considering MS had a pricecut with anywhere between 2-4 games being given away.

Mr Pumblechook1336d ago

So the figures are shipped to retail and not sold.
So the figures are not just XBO but include 360.

Sometimes I wish Phil Spencer could be more open and quit the smoke and mirrors.

HannibalBarca1336d ago

Im getting real sick of your disrespectful comments torward other posters, some journalist.....

darthv721336d ago

@lyonking, combined numbers is nothing new. Sony is/was quite privy to that all last gen. At their conferences they would talk about the Playstation platform as a whole. That is the PS2, PSP, PS3. and they still do that when talking about PSN.

they always talk up the combined total of users registered and amount of pieces of software sold/downloaded. It is the #1 rule of marketing. you make the information as appealing to the public (especially the shareholders) as you can.

It doesnt take much to break it all down to the individual numbers if it really bothers people. and the whole shipped vs sold debate.... MS sells units to retailers. Retailers sell units to consumers. that is pretty much how it works. Ms may sell units to consumers as well through their retail channels but the bulk of their sell through is to the stores themselves.

MS can sell 1 million units to toys r us and toys r us can sell 1000 to consumers. but to MS they sold 1 million to toys r us. That's good for the accounting dept.

Numbers are numbers and games are games. I'd rather play games than numbers personally. we all feel like we are shareholders to some degree so that partially explains why sales articles are so full of life.

Pogmathoin1336d ago

Darthv, are you suggesting some here like to move the goalposts while pointing a finger elsewhere? Meanwhile when you point, your 3 other fingers are pointing back....

darthv721336d ago

@pog, considering last gen Sony was supporting multiple platforms while MS was really only supporting one.... what do you think?

until the 360 is finally put out to pasture, we will get combined totals. like i said, its nothing new and you can dig deeper if it interests you.

goal posts are constantly moving in the gaming industry. where they dont is in professional sports. Unless they are tearing them down to set the field up for monster truck races or something.

uptownsoul1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )


I see what your saying, but Sony (in 7th generation) was in a bit of a different situation, especially during the PS3's first year. With the PS3 launching a year after the Xbox360, Sony was trying to show the PS2 sales of 2005 & the PS3 sales of 2006. Had the Xbox One released a year after the PS4 then I could understand the Xbox 360/Xbox One joint numbers. But as it is, they both launched within a week of each other so the launch variables are the same

OrangePowerz1336d ago

Going by AMDs comments of almost 30 million PS4 and X1 shipped and MS saying in (I think) September almost 10 million shipped the majority if these shipped units should come from X360.

miyamoto1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

Wow even Microsoft won't disclose actual Xbox One units shipped let alone sold...
And why last 2013 they published split results?
Now why did they not publish split results?
Are they embarrassed?
Hmn what are they hiding under the 360's skirt?
Very interesting....

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u got owned1336d ago

are you planning on buying some market shares?

christocolus1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

lol. going by the comments here i think many of them plan to. lmao. I really don't know why this is bothering some in here.These are fantastic figures.downplaying it wont change great job MS. very few companies can boast of figures like these.

Manic20141336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

To be fair these numbers are not for us but for the investors.

OldDude1336d ago

Don't waste your time, half the people here will never get that, nor understand it.

Grap1336d ago

wait you mean MS doesn't care if TheLyonKing is not satisfied about the news bbbb..but i thought bill gates always visit n4g to read his comments.

dcbronco1336d ago

Actually they probably wouldn't understand them even if they were an investor. The reality of the numbers is in Microsoft's favor either way. If it's mostly Xbox Ones, the new console is selling well. People don't ask you to ship more of a product they can't sell. If its more Xbox 360, then Microsoft is making a large profit. The 360 makes a large profit on each unit sold. So they win either way. And so do their investors. An investor that bought just before Ballmer left actually has almost doubled their profit on the stock. Weird considering they haven't really done anything different. Just a lesson for you youngsters. Stay away from that stock market. It's a scam.

Gamer19821336d ago

Indeed but if we dont have the numbers what are the children gonna fight over??

lonelyplayer1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

I'd say more than half don't understand it. I posted a comment (#4) about the market(investors) response to the results(not just these numbers) and they marked it as off-topic. It's probably the most on-topic comment in the whole thread. Heh.
And if you look at the replies I got.. it's even worse.

dcbronco1336d ago

Even further proof that they don't get it is I bet the people that disagree with my comment did so because they believe the 360 still loses money. Ten years after release they still believe it is sold at a loss.

Hereiamhereibe21335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

So investors don't check news websites?


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Macdaddy711336d ago can tell your a gamer!!! What you are looking at is for share holders n people that would be buying stock,'s not for you to see how many of each console sold... I wish they would not even post this stuff for MS or Sony,..know it will be all over the interweb that MS not doing good, ship console not sold, ect....please understand what you are reading before you Flame a company for something that YOU!!! Don't understand lol... Do a little something called HomeWork then you will be a LOT smarter sounding

TheLyonKing1336d ago

My friend actually heavily dabbles in shares (mainly component companies that provide parts for items like ipod, consoles and other phones) he has taught me a lot about shares and your max pay in before you pull out of shares and I do a few shares in sporting companies such as adidas. Not a lot of money but enough to know the market. Yes I am a gamer, are gamers not allowed to be interested in stock prices or investor meetings? Curious on your thoughts as to why you think k that?

Grap1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

Yes but my friend is also a huge stock holder in a lot of sports clubs but i think he is not real, imaginary friend who lives in my basement.

TheLyonKing1335d ago

@Grap well its nice to know you have a friend at least however imaginary he is. The point I am making his the thin veil of saying this is how well our over arching gaming division actually doesn't fly too well with investors at meetings. They prefer individual numbers rather than grouped.

Death1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

As an investor I honestly do not care how each segment does in the stocks I hold. The only thing I care about is the dividends I receive and how well my stock does compared to other stocks in the market. I do not own Microsoft stock at this time, but I do follow it on the stock market. I also read the quarterly and annual releases. Xbox does very well, but not as good as other divisions within the company. The reason it's not much of an issue is because it diversifies Microsofts stock making it much more stable. By having multiple divisions going after multiple market segments it makes it easier to keep the stock steady if one division falters. The same holds true for Sony stock, but they have been spinning off segments to try and make the companies stock more attractive. In the long term it can hurt the company since they are becoming much less diverse.

There is nothing wrong with following company stock and performance. As a gamer you need to know when the company is talking to you as a gamer or to investors though or it can get a little confusing. As gamers we tend to funnel all statements to us which is not a good habit.

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falviousuk1336d ago

Why do you need to know the numbers sold, are you a share holder in MS stock or Sony stock

BitbyDeath1336d ago

It's all part of competition, same reason people keep track of scores in Basketball. (Or insert other sport)

crashbash1335d ago


Being a fanboi is a sport now?

Tony-A1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

Seriously? Can curiosity be enough?

We're humans, humans are curious, it's human nature. I don't own the universe but I'd love to find out as much as possible. Get it?

It's literally the one reason why we even clicked on this article.

Gamer19821335d ago

Why do you need to know? In fact why does anybody need to know?? This is N4G news for gamers and lets be honest why does any gamer need to know how much Money MS made last year?? In short.. We don't its pointless and does nothing but cause silly comments.

The best rule N4g could ever employ is ban all sales articles relating to consoles but they won't as I reckon 70% of their traffic come from them sadly..

Death1335d ago

Why do gamers need to know how much money Microsoft made? Was Sega's financial health important to Dreamcast owners? A consoles success is dependent of the companies success. As much as fans want to deny it, Sony's long term plans for the PS4 rely on the companies ability to stay solvent.

Kidmyst1335d ago

Is MSFT the only ones using shipped figures? I don't ever recall seeing Nintendo or Sony saying shipped. Maybe I am missing those articles too.

Gamer19821334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

They have to used shipped numbers to look better to be fair if they used sold they would look even lower.. They want to be looking at least to the general public like they are as close as possible. Anybody would.. Its not lying its bending the truth to suit your needs and it works for them. Its why they celebrate they wont a month and forget that America isn't the whole planet.

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DanielGearSolid1336d ago

Revenue and Gross Margin dropped
(first of all nice job resisting putting that in the headline, to make it a clickbait title)

I'm not a financials expert but how often does that occur during the christmas fiscal year. You would think everything would go up

(Unless its in comparison to 2014 2nd quarter)... idk these things always confuse me

Manic20141336d ago

Yeh its compared to the same quarter last year.

Abriael1336d ago

First party games up 79%, Xbox Live up 40%, looks like strong results to me.

DanielGearSolid1336d ago

i wasnt being sarcastic...

i hate when bloggers highlight negatives in their titles just for clicks

Sonital1336d ago

Yes comparisons are always to the same quarter the year before.

DanielGearSolid1336d ago

Got it, compared to same results last yr

yea, not bad

Death1335d ago

At least now we know how many millions Microsoft "lost" giving away the Xbox One over the holidays. They made $460 million in the division on sales of $4 billion. Revenue increased $1.5 billion, but gross margin was slightly less ($20 million) than the quarter before.

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lonelyplayer1336d ago ShowReplies(2)
brotherlymoses1336d ago

Wo wo wo, I didn't know everyone was a business major.

Are you guys really arguing over how much money these companies make? Lol this is sad.