30 Socom Confrontation screenshots had posted 30 screenshots of Socom: Confrontation.

"Here's 30 screenshots of Socom Confrontation. The game is due out on the 14th of October 2008"

Check them out.

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timmyrulz3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Are you kidding me? this is supposed to be on those "just you wait for socom,lbp,resistance 2" games that i hear about time and time again. I dont care how much you want to shove that ps3 up your anus this looks poor.
Let the disagrees and rabid ps3 fanboys counter attacks commence, oh and by the way RROD, just though i would get that in before some one with complete originality comes up with it

PirateThom3660d ago

Fact: It's a downloadable, online only title.

dude_uk3660d ago


yea that's what I was like when i read timmy's comment

PoSTedUP3660d ago

its socom, it cant be poor. but now it actually looks like a nex gen game. like 2 months ago when the first screenshots came out yea it looked bad but now its coming along looking good. socom was never about graphics but these are awesome for a socom game. cant wait! franchise is 10 million strong and you bet your ass it will sell systems : P-eace

themyk3660d ago

hey dude. gameplay over graphix right. your a 360 gamer so that should be your motto.

remember halo.

zapass3660d ago

it looks much better than halo3

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drdre743660d ago

the graphics on this game dont even look that great. Its doesn't stack up to COD4 or Metal Gear. The animations and the textures suck and these pics dont help change my mind on that either. I'll stick with COD4 until Killzone comes out.

PirateThom3660d ago

I think you need to remember, it's a PSN title like Warhawk, it'll also be on disc.

Chubear3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Please, show me a DLable shooter that looks anything close to those graphics. You can't. Only on the PS3 do you have DLable games that look better than alot of disc based games.. unless you foolishly believe games like Kane'n Lynch, Conan, Conflict Denied-ops or even PD:0 look better than those pics and they aren't even HD pics to begin with.

The only people that seem to have an issue with SOCOM are the newage gamers that only started serious gaming this gen. They've never played SOCOM before and have no clue about what SOCOM is about. These are the same morons that try to dogg on legendary games like Diablo III calling it crap looking and nothing special.

Every single person that knows SOCOM will say "OK the grahics look great.. now how does it FEEL?!" cause that's what SOCOM is about - That Socrack feeling.

When this game launches, compare screen shot with games like CoD2 & 3 and you'd see it much better than those games and no one talked about "bad" graphics with those and there are people who look at SOCOM:con and it reminds them of MGO too, which it certainly does.

Comparing graphics and animations of a DownLoadable shooter game, like Warhawk & SOCOM, to a big budget full disc game, like Crysis or CoD4, is stupid and shows one's lack of knowlegde of how VGs are made.

Every PS3 exclusive always gets this kind of FUD from fanatics before launch and the next on the list will be LBP then GoW III and FF13 but the mother of all FUD will be kept for Killzone II. The crap that will be flooded on every single gaming website against this game will be unpresidented for sure.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt3660d ago

jus remember that u never played socom so ur jus a noob talking out of ur azz..


mistertwoturbo3660d ago

Now now, obviously graphics don't make a great game. But those are straight up PS2 graphics. We know they can do better than that. We know the PS3 is much more capable.

So don't get mad at folks who aren't pleased with the visuals.

Gameplay is another story. I cant comment on that seeing as how I've never played the original SOCOMs. I'm going to get this game though to see what it's all about. Hopefully it's as good as everyone says, then the graphics wouldn't matter.

Chubear3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

You saying they're PS2 graphics mean you either never had a last gen console or you have very short term memory. GO compare HD shots of SOCOM:con to CoD3 or the other games I mentioned above, then compare last gen games like even GoW or last gen military shooters and come back and say they're PS2 grapics.

Do you even know what SOCOM looked like last gen? Gamers are so full of crap this gen and I think it's cause the community is flooded with young teenagers that only started proper gaming this gen.

Anyone saying this game has PS2 graphics is either blind or has some sort of mental handicap. Go look at games like The Conduit on the wii that is tauted as 360 graphics when it's trully no different from great looking games on the GC, Xbox or PS2 but when it comes to a PS3 exclusive then everyone's a damned critic.

sdogg3660d ago

I think the graphics are on par if not better than most online games. COD4 being the best looking at the moment. Who eve said that these are ps2 graphics must not have viewed the larger screens. They also have til october to finish touching up the game. If this game delivers the feel of a upgraded socom 1 and 2 engine then i'll be living on this game as i did with the first two. Lets hope the beta starts here pretty soon cause i am ready thats for sure!

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dude_uk3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

hmmm... not quite what I expected is an online only game and these are alpha build should look good when it comes out...

Xi3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

why is it that whenever I read about ps3 games people always say "alpha build"

killzone 2 is not in an alpha build
resistance 2 is not in an alpha build
this is not an alpha build. (yes I know it says "alpha build", it's not trust me, alpha builds usually aren't playable, in this example the game is in an alpha stage of it's development cycle but the screenshots are more or less a reresentation of a final build)

by labeling it as such you're going to expect a huge increase in graphics, it's not going to happen, sheesh.

the game looks good, but it's not great, and I can accept that, most other should be able to too.

mistertwoturbo3660d ago


Well... the developers themself all say it's in alpha build. I'm talking about Killzone 2, Resistance 2, and even motorstorm Pacific rift. Heck, GG says most things we've seen in Killzone 2 is Pre-Pre-Alpha. Resistance 2 was stated to be "work in progress - alpha build" from the lastest Qore episode. And motorstorm pacific rift says the same thing in the most recent video showing the graphics engine.

I cant comment on SOCOM cause they didn't outright say it's in alpha build or anything.

All I can say now is that video games are the only medium of entertainment, that we can see the process in developement before the final product. It's good and bad. It's bad because people will look at an incomplete screen shot and claim it looks horrible. But it's good because they're giving us a taste of what's to come in the gameplay sections.

Panthers3660d ago

Dont expect this game to look a lot better when it comes out. If graphics matter that much, then go play Crysis and have an orgasm over how a tree looks.

This is about gameplay, and nothing beats Socom for online shooters.

metalhaze3660d ago

These screenshots of the alpha version of this game are not doing it any justice and it's sure as hell not enticing me to want to play this game AT ALL.

They should stop releasing screens until the game is closer to completion because it gives people the wrong idea about the final product.

Who knows, the graphics could be phenomenally better once it's released, but right now it looks like brown crap.

Chubear3660d ago

Fans of the game will appreciate the look of this game so yes, they SHOULD let us see them. The only people that have an issue with SOCOM's graphics are gamers that have never played SOCOM before.

Mcrmarcher3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Graphics don't necessarily make a game great you know. I can't wait for this to come out, i only played the first one years ago and it was pretty cool. I think nows the time to try it again it looks good fun!

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