GamerVision reviews Supreme Commander (Xbox360)

Gamervision reports:

''When Supreme Commander was released last year for PCs it was hailed as a breath of fresh air in the otherwise bland market of RTS games. Since the original Red Alert, the genre hasn't progressed too much in terms of gameplay when compared to other types, relying on competitive play, improved graphics, and player-created maps in order to succeed in the ever shrinking PC market. Supreme Commander looked to end that trend by adding an insanely high unit-cap, a focus on army management, and other successful innovations. Considering the recent trend of successful console ports of Real-Time-Strategy games, the title seemed perfect for an Xbox 360 translation.

All of the progress gained by RTS titles on consoles is reversed in Supreme Commander, proving that even a fantastic title can be destroyed by a sloppy port. Slowdowns, crashes, and one of the most unintuitive control schemes ever developed stop the game from being any more than a scorch mark on the battlefield of game design. The beautiful PC version was dubbed down for its console release, leaving barely passable visuals (that still just barely function). Running at what feels like ten frames-per-second, Supreme Commander feels much slower than it should. Even the opening tutorial chugs along without any units on screen, making me seriously doubt that the game can be considered a finished product.''

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